Will timing screw us again

I’m gonna be honest. I initially wasn’t a Gus Bus fan, but they coached their butts off yesterday. I would love to get him here, but timing may be our end all…

Looks like that bus has left the station. We seem to have moved on to other candidates.

In retrospect, we missed our chance at Gus 5 years ago when we hired Coach B. I don’t fault the decision as I would have hired Coach B as well given his success as Wisconsin. But, those who said Gus was the most brilliant coaching mind from Arkansas in the past 20 years and that he was the right choice are being proven right. In 5 years, he has beaten Saban twice, been to 2 SECCG’s, won 1 SECCG (and may win another), and been to the NC game. He owns the all-time rushing yards record against the Hogs. And, his defense this year is outstanding, something that people said 5 years ago that he could never achieve. We missed the boat… that seems to be the story of Arkansas football with the notable exceptions of landing Frank Broyles and Nolan Richardson.

I thought you were leaving the board. :smiley:

If there is a timing issue it’s one we created. It wasn’t hard to anticipate AU would be playing for awhile or that we would get played.