Will this be the largest roster turnover in program history?

Maybe more a subject for recruiting board but not asking individual recruits, just in general.

By all accounts, it is no secret we need serious talent infusion if we are to get out of conference cellar last year/this year.

Appears this coaching staff has professionalized recruiting and is making a run at a great class if not the best in a long time.

Sounds like maybe 30 slots, and maybe a few current kids won’t be back making more room for new faces.

I’m wondering if this won’t be one of the largest roster turnovers we will have seen or if anyone remember another time where a new coach potentially turned over so many on a roster to get his guys/improve talent.

I’m not sure about historically. But from all indications there will be quite a few leaving. I can think of several off the top of my head that I doubt will be back. A couple I’d bet on.

I hope so. Would like to see at least a few SEC players on the Hogs.

Unfortunately, it can’t big enough and can’t come fast enough.

Patience is a virtue, but easier said than done.

I need to take up meditation.

Yeah, meditation could work. I was thinking medication…

Kind of hard to say, because we’ve had some years in the past where we had large senior classes and then had others leave/medically retire/ get kicked off the team. It will be interesting to see how close to the 85 max we are after the dust settles from departures and recruiting winds up for this class.