Will There Be MLB? ------Good Read

They could be hardheaded and not have a season, or they can come to an agreement. And the hardheadedness is likely to be on both sides. I can understand both sides. But both sides are going to have to give up something or they’re both going to lose a lot.

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I figure players going to lose more. I bet they give quite a bit. I saw him on Scott Van Pelt’s show last night. He did a good job of painting a tough negotiating stretch he thought would last a week or so.

I think the players are correct that the owners are trying to use this to create a salary cap. If they don’t back off on that, the players are not going along.

It seems like the owners can insert enough language in this interim deal to make it clear this is a one-off under the novel circumstances, and likewise make very public and very loud assurances that this is not meant to be the beginning of a salary cap. If they do that they probably win the PR war, and convince a lot of players that everybody ought to hold their nose and agree to make some money this year.

If the owners won’t do that, then the players have a big decision to make about just where all this will lead in the next few years. I don’t know enough about MLB to know whether the owners might be willing to endure a work stoppage in the next few years to get a salary cap.

If there is going to be a huge fight and probable work stoppage over a cap eventually, then both sides have to decide if now is the time to fight. Frankly, I doubt it, because neither side has had any opportunity to prepare for a stoppage.

I would agree with this assessment and it would probably work, at least for the short term.

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