Will the Thrill on Monday?

Will it be Will on Monday?

Yes unless he decides to go with Morris . I guess he could go Hagan Smith but I kind of doubt Mcentire off speed stuff maybe more effective against them

Elmo is dangerous no matter who pitches. I just hope the hogs can jump out to a lead and get a solid start from whoever starts. MCEntire would be my guess.

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If I’m the coach, I’m not saying nothing until game time, lol, OM will have to spend time on all of them. :joy::joy:

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He just might do that

Just someone that will throw strikes and pitch to contact, it will be 99 with wind blowing in from the south at 18mph.

If you’re correct you need to be a weather man. I didn’t think anyone could predict the winds direction and velocity 2 days in advance.

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It’s all top secret, weather channel. I know I wouldn’t last it more than a half hour in that heat. Happy to watch from home in the air conditioning.

I agree. Sure was a fun game to watch from the first pitch until the last.

Looking at the stats OM actually hit LH worse than we do…248 to our .252 overall and in the conference both hit .230 against LH,so I wouldn’t be surprised if Morris gets the start.
OM hits RH .294 overall and .273 in conference

The key will be not to allow walks and don’t have errors on defense! I really don’t care who starts.
It may be one of those games we could see 4 pitchers and Ole Miss isn’t given the chance to see a pitcher more than once! It would be nice to win Monday and be in the drivers seat in pool play.

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With Smith coming in if/when needed.

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Zach Morris pitched well against the rebs in game 3 during the regular season. McEntire didn’t play in the 3 game series.

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Arkansas will practice this morning at UNO. We might know around noon who is starting, or it might be left TBA.

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Could be a reason to go with McEntire, or as my brother calls him, Trapper (MASH reference). Somebody they haven’t seen.

Morris or McEntire. The decision will be made later today.

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