Will the SEC go 0-3 today?

Mistakes killed Miss Steak and LSU blunders are allowing U- Mickey Mouse to hang around. Kentucky is about to squander a huge lead over the Ninny Lions.

[color=#000080]LSU[/color] is up by 16 with 4:12 left. They should be able to hold on. Oops, and now they get a 30 yard penalty.

The [color=#0000BF]blues[/color] are up by 3, but have the ball and they are driving with 1:43 left. First down UK.

SEC is doing just fine.

LSU and Kent won and MSU gave their game away.

2-1 (should have been 3-0) with one to play.

The SEC went 6-5 in its bowl games. The West was 4-1; the East was 2-4.

That muffed TD pass in the end zone in the MSU game, resulting in an interception, was pretty awful

I don’t know about that MSU coach. It seems like he’s been a little shaky all year with a lot of talent on that team. I thought he showed a lack of faith in/understanding of his senior QB in the game yesterday at a crucial time.

Yesterday he decided to punt when he had fourth down and half a yard on their next to last possession with about five minutes left in the game and MSU needing a touchdown. Looked like a great spot for Fitzgerald to just run a sneak and get the first down, allowing MSU to keep moving the ball down the filed using their base offense.

MSU got the ball back, but did not have enough time to run the RPOs and play action passing, where Fitzgerald has always been the most effective. Instead Fitzgerald had to play like an NFL drop-back QB to try to win the game, throwing to a group of receivers who were inconsistent all day. If you know you are going to have a do-or-die drive, why not take the risk on fourth down at the five minute mark when that gives you a chance to call the plays your QB executes best?

Miss St had that game won. The ball was in Guidry’s chest. He catches that & it’s unlikely Iowa scores. But it wasn’t just that Guidry dropped it, it was that incredible ricochet to the Iowa defender. Strange finish.