Will the Gus Lovers finally see him

for what he is (a phony)?

My guess is they won’t. They’ll find a way to blame anyone but him for turning down his “Dream Job” for less money.

He played the big money NWA boosters like a fiddle. And, they fired 2 good men (one who didn’t deserve it) to chase his skirt.

Doubtful. You’d like to think the Gus Bus passengers would finally realize their emperor has no clothes, but I doubt it. They’ll blame everyone except their hero for our failure to land him.

I was worried about the FBI investigating Auburn.
I was concerned that FBI will look beyond the BB program
I was concerned that the atmosphere is such that bruce pearl wasn’t cooperating with the NCAA.
I am disgusted with Malzahn’s game the last month.

The NWA Suicide Hotline will be busy tonight.