Will Starkel be able to get away with throwing to Knox & Burks when closely covered -----

------ against SEC corners? He threw about six times to his big, athletic, receivers when they had little or no separation from their defenders, relying on their athletic ability to make the pass work. Several times, if they had been better defenders, they could have easily made the interception. Can he get away with that against A&M, LSU, Bama, & Auburn?

There was only a couple of times that our receivers were wide open with several steps away from their defender (mostly deep routes) but the timing was off on the throws. We need more of these, accurately thrown, and less of the “jump ball you just got to beat your man” throws.

Maybe our big receivers are good enough, if the corner is going to intercept, they can knock it down if they need to. I guess they practice that too. I wonder if they are taught “getting an offensive interference penalty is far better than giving up an interception” like corners are taught to “grab them if you have to if that will prevent the TD reception?”

Actually, hitting those will be the key to the season, IMO. It will take Burks, Knox, O’Grady & Gunter all being in on that “jump ball” action for us to win more than 4 games. I agree it would be great to get more separation, but even Clemson, Alabama, Ohio St., etc. rely on the “jump ball” throws to keep drives alive and to win their few tight games that determine the success of their seasons.

I actually hope our guys can get it down to a science! They have the tools now.

I see other teams throw jump balls to bigger receivers in the SEC. You see that all the time when Arkansas DBs are running with the SEC WRs. If it’s 6-5 against 5-11, I think I like that. Yes, you have athletic ability at cornerback in the SEC. But that’s the play you have to perfect. One-on-one coverage is good in the SEC. Clemson made a living doing that in the two playoff victories. They burned both their foes by throwing the ball in 50-50 spots. You can still put it on the side where your man has the best chance. That’s what I saw Starkel doing.

The other play that will happen more as Starkel and the receivers get on the same page, the back shoulder throw. Morris talked a little about that last night on his radio show. He said it’s a good play but takes repetition for both the QB and the WR to get on the same page and execute it. How many times did Clint Stoerner throw that to Anthony Lucas? And I saw Brandon Allen get good at it with some of his receivers. But it takes time.

Good points, but now (SJS) is practice time.

However, I’m not sure I agree with either the “easily” or the “interception”. Perhaps pass breakups, instead? Maybe. Those are some pretty tough, big freshmen.

There are pretty tough, big corners in the SEC which we will see in about ten days.

Well hell, let’s just give up and not even try. :roll_eyes:

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Naw, I’m pretty sure that we tried that approach last year and it did not work. (Besides, I think that prior posters were just expressing observations/concerns, not trying to be negative.)

When you are blessed with size, speed , strength, and jumping ability, it does not really matter whether you are a freshman or a senior. Burks and Knox can make those plays now. Yes, they will even more dominate as juniors but they will be in the very top group of all time best receivers at the U of A. By the end of the year, everyone will be running junk defenses so they can double them. This should open up both the running game and the tight ends and other wide outs should be open on passing plays. Great players can and will continue to excel as freshmen.

Starkel has said it, “if they are man to man, the wrs are going to get the ball”, and especially deep balls, man up on these youngsters, the odds are with the receiver. All db’s, Alabama’s included, give up big plays. And they will look just as bad as the next guy, half their mystique comes from the line putting big pressure on the QB causing inaccurate throws.

I suspect we will find out how good our freshmen receivers are real soon. They won’t win all of the battles against elite corners but they might win enough. There is a difference between being smart and picking the right spots and being foolish. Not playing scared, just knowing when to throw and when to check down to a better throw. JMVVVVVVVHO :vulcan_salute:

I certainly recommend not throwing the 50-50 ball on our own half of the field unless it is desperation time.

Our big WRs just need to stay healthy. Both Burks and Knox are nursing aches. That can be the difference between leaping high and not. I suspect we’ll see more of the other guys and TEs Saturday night against SJS.

I would like to see more throws to the tight end in the seam, or just a 10 yard set down throw

Yes he will be able to with success.
Yes he will also get picked.
Yes he will throw TD passes.

This is today’s game.

Throw it to those 2 guys. They can play. Not sure we have ever had 2 like them at the same time. As I said the other day, anybody would want those guys on their team. They are the real deal. Throw it to them. I like their chances!

Exactly. Plus there will be defensive pass interference and offensive pass interference. So not just a 50/50 chance.

I agree with most others on here. Having the athletes who are able to successfully execute the 50/50 pass is highly desirable if you want to be competitive in the SEC again. We have that weapon now and shouldn’t be afraid to use it. BTW, looking at the SEC defensive stats, LSU pass defense is 10th, three spots behind the Hogs, so not DB U anymore.

modo I think you hit the nail on the head and based on yesterday we didn’t need to see SEC corners to prove it.

Do we need to throw some 50/50’s and take advantage of size yes.

But throwing 50/50s as a fascination vs. a wide open, well crafted underneath route is dumb especially if you are moving the football. Did we have underneath routes called and executed?

Was Starkle’s mentality of I’m going to throw it downfield a little too greedy? Based on Chad’s post game and Starkle’s own words yes it was. Take what the defense gives you.

This only gets worse if we don’t more underneath routes…slants, etc… And from my chair more TE targets. That’s another potential mismatch.