Will Spring game be streamed?

wooo pig!

SECN+ on watch ESPN

Great! When? Have I got time to go to Lowes and buy a boatload of plants/flowers; or, must I stay here to watch the game?


I could not find it listed in watch ESPN. Is there a way you can post a link?

You have to go to the watch ESPN site go up to the top where it says schedule …it will bring up today’s games up but you will have to go to upcoming to see the game displayed.

When it gets to be close to 12:00 it will show up under the “live now” and you just have to scroll down to NCAA football and you will see our game listed under SECN+and ESPN+that will be showing the game…

12:06 & it is Please Stand By.

same here. Communication troubles I guess

The team is still stretching right now.

Yeah that’s kind of what I was thinking we obviously aren’t ready to start yet… I thought we were supposed to start at 12:00!

Radio is just playing the fight song over and over.

Some players who will not be in action today: Running back Dominique Johnson, wide receiver Jaedon Wilson, defensive back RJ Johnson, linebacker Mani Powell, defensive lineman Cam Ball, running back Preston Crawford, defensive back Al Walcott, and offensive linemen Luke Brown and Payton Simpson.

I don’t think the scrimmaging is supposed to start until around 12:20.

For those unaware, this is not going to be a game where Red and White rosters are chosen and a score is kept. It is a televised practice in which they will scrimmage like they have done the past couple of weekends.

Has that been the plan all along?? The broadcast is just now starting. I thought they had been saying 12:00 all this time

Yeah definitely will probably be a vanilla type practice … they definitely don’t want a whole lot on tape to be viewed by our opponents

I thought you could watch on the ESPN app it you paid for the SEC network on You Tube TV

Very good looking first drive… good mixture of plays. Quarterback was never pressured good job by the OL

The game is definitely on Watch ESPN. You can use ESPN+or SECN + to watch it

There are two options to watch the game within the ESPN app. If you are accessing it through your YouTube TV log in, make sure to watch the SEC Network+ option.

I had to sign out then sign back in in to get it