Will Spain games be on radio or TV?


No. The only coverage that I know about will be from us and the release that the school provides.

Will you have any video of the games?,

We plan to have some video.

How about delayed replay, as on SEC network?

Man, this is where razorvision would come in handy. Even though quality wouldn’t be good, they’d probably have it streamed on the arkansasrazorback website, but since the SEC Network deal they no longer exist.

Whole games or just some clips?

We will not have full games.

where do I find the date time and location for these games?

Doubt Razorvision would have been of any help. These are exhibition games in a foreign country and probably have no local TV coverage.

Arkansas is close to releasing the times and opponents for these games, but will not be releasing the venues due to security protocol

There is zero chance that Razorvision would have had these games. They didn’t have the games last time we took a foreign trip, for instance. Somebody would have to produce the telecast on that end, which isn’t happening, and provide a feed; Razorvision could barely produce telecasts on our own campus.

Apparently razorvision left a bad taste in some of your mouths. I was assuming if razorvision still existed they would have more capabilities in 2016 than they did in 2012. They at least had exhibition games, and we don’t get those now.

Not a safe assumption. They spent as little money on Razorvision as they could get away with. Watching games there was worse than no TV at all in many cases.

Not going to argue about razorvision on here, to be honest with you I was just throwing that out there as an option if it was still around. I didn’t mean to throw the subject off which is discussing any video for the Spain trip, that’s really all I’m concerned about and I’m sure the others as well, razorvision is long gone no need to get in a debate about it.