Will someone please splain how this makes sense in a 19 year old mind.....

…you have a lottery pick center coming back for next year and your team has a chance to be really good, maybe go way into the tournament next year. You have two players who are almost certain to play major roles on that team and will have the opportunity to play a lot if their game deserves it. So they decide to go somewhere else and sit a year instead. What are they going to do in two years, they can’t do right now next year? Are they irreplaceable. Not at all. Are they going to end up far better off in three years going away versus three years at Arkansas. Chances are between slim and none of that happening. So, what is going on? Are they totally delusional or is there more to this story?

I think you guys are giving them too much credit. Someone asked for projections for starting lineups next year. CMA likes to reward experienced players, until they can be replaced by the younger more talented. If you look, I had Hall and Jones as Day one starters, but both being replaced by start of league play. Hall, has a lot of upside, but I think Phillips is ahead of him as an all-around offensive player, I think Hall maybe better defensively right now. Same with Joe and Jones. Joe is just as good shooting and is better everywhere else, including defense. I think both kids seen the writing on the wall. Many think we will get Franklin in 2019, he maybe better than Hall as well.

Like I said in a different thread once I heard that he thought after a good first month he thought he was a 1 and done I knew Hall was gone.

Penny has fed him all kinds of bull–and who knows what else–and he’s going to go sit a year and play 2 years at a (currently) lesser program and still not be what he thinks he’s gonna be. It’s a really weird move.

Oh, and he says he’s a Razorback for life. I swear, these kids are clueless. It feels 100xs worse in the social media era.

How is Penny having any contact with these kids? If he is recruiting players from another team he’s violating the hell out of NCAA rules. At least that’s the rule as I understand it. Oh I’m sure everyone will claim the contact started with the player, but that’s meaningless to me. I have no clue if that makes a difference in rules violations, but I”d sure like to hear from someone who knows.

Is Memphis State (I still can’t call it “Memphis.” To me the latter is a city, not a school) known to be the preferred destination of either of them.

I would bet both wind up in Memphis.

Why would CJ Jones end up in Memphis?

Several people on different boards are saying that both are heading to Memphis, I have no clue why.

You gotta stop reading Hogville for news, it’s one of the most inaccurate places you’ll ever come across, their wanna be insiders just throw stuff around and sees what sticks. Their insiders over had Gafford gone to the draft this year, Macon gone to the draft last year, and Kingsley gone to the draft the year before that. Unless Kevin McPherson says it over there, I wouldn’t take it seriously.
Unless it’s some verification over here as well by Dudley or RD, like the Hall and Jones transfer rumors. I read something over there after the season ended and it was some people claiming CMA would be gone in April. It’s honestly a joke how bad information is over there and them spreading rumors that CJ is headed to Memphis sounds exactly like something that would be said on Hogville.

I didn’t read it on Hogville, but thank you for the words of wisdom. By the way, McPherson ain’t the only guy with info over there, I’m sure RD will tell you that as well.

I thought the quote from Hall that he had no idea where he would end up was really a groaner.

Typically a player does not say anything at all about a destination in a statement, tweet, etc. on the transfer, simply announces he’s moving on and thanks the school/fans. Sometimes a player may not know where he will end up, but that is more likely a case where the guy has gotten booted from the team or been told he won’t get playing time.

But in the case of a guy like Hall, who clearly was not told he was wasting his time staying at Arkansas, the player has got a pretty good idea where he he’s headed by the time the transfer goes public. It may be down to two or three possibilities, but it’s not a situation where he starts putting a list together after he announces he’s leaving.

He would have been better off not saying anything about a destination. That will be especially true if he does end up at Memphis, because that really makes the statement yesterday look deceptive.

I agree with that.

When I talked to him on the phone in Wednesday, I asked specifically about Memphis.

The quotes were included in the story.

But I think if there is a spot for him at Memphis, that is where he will be.

I also wouldn’t rule out him playing at UALR for Darrell.

I think he would tear it up in the Sunbelt if he goes to UALR. If he wants to be The Man, that would be a place to go. But I still suspect this whole thing is about Memphis, from start to finish.

Truth and I’m a Mod

By the way, Hall is 20. Born in December 1997. Just to clear the record.

UALR is my prediction based on what I am hearing of Hall’s reasoning for transferring. Stats.

I have no idea but it makes sense with him looking to play. I just thought of Memphis first. Now that DW is at UALR, he could go there. Just me guessing. I have no crystal ball.

Wonder what kind of stats he will have this coming year? It makes no sense to go dormant for a year. You can be forgotten, or get hurt, or get lost in the shuffle. Good luck this coming year.

Has it occurred to anyone that is so confused about Halls decision that he may have not been eligible to play at Arkansas next year or is in some serious legal crap that coach wasn’t going to play him and told him as much?

I’ve actually saw that rumor, but the person that started it knows as much about Hall’s situation as I do, and that’s nothing. Just speculation.