Will someone please explain the no catch call on Drew...........

From my review, ball clearly moved when it hit ground, which I believe is not having control and therefore not possessing through impact.

Maybe complain about the whistle issue but the right call was made, regardless.

Holding was out of hand though.

And seems like everybody saw the same thing on the line. I thought reversal of the catch was plausible, but maybe not under college rules. For our team not to react to the obvious choke holds and jersey pulling, shows more discipline than I would have. They could not block our D line on a level playing field.

When I saw the replay, I thought it would be overturned, because the ball looked like it hit the ground. But it was hard to tell if it was still secure or not. The ball can hit the ground as long as it is secured. I eventually didn’t think there was sufficient evidence to overturn the all via “indisputable evidence.” To me, that is not an example of why we have instant replay. There was only one view that showed the ball hitting the ground, and it was a fuzzy view from the back, and you couldn’t really see his hands. But I figured it would be overturned.

In general, I was disappointed with the officiating in several circumstances. Not the least of which was the offensive pass interence on Keon, when the defender initiated the contact.

This is exactly how it should be analyzed. It probably wasn’t a catch but you couldn’t tell. Therefore, it should have been upheld.

As you correctly note, the ball can hit the ground in college as long as it is secured/possessed (ie if his hand was under). They broke their cardinal rule of not overturning without sufficient evidence.

Even though I certainly don’t like the rule

The play was buzzed in and a timeout occurred before the play got going - just nobody could here it

How do you know that ? And just asking how it works. Can you see it or did you some how know it before the play ? We all kept waiting and hoping that AR got the play off, but apparently you knew it was in replay exam ?