Will someone please explain the no catch call on Drew...........

…early in the game. As we all know from the Sugar Bowl when D.J.'s wrist touching the ground ended his big play, once a knee, hip, wrist, or elbow touches the ground the play is over. Drew’s knee touched and the ball was securely in his grasp. He then proceeded to continue to the ground and the ball shifted when his arm (still under the ball) hit the ground. If the play is dead when the knee touches, how in the world is that reviewed and called a no catch?

mark curles is all one needs to know

That was my first thought as well but I think this decision was from the replay official wherever they sit and watch the game.

Simple explanation. The moles missed that one. He had possession, period. No rule on how long he has to have possession, that I know of.

I believe you must maintain possession through the ground.

Correct. The ball came loose when he hit the ground. Twenty years ago, before video review and goofy rule interpretation, that’s a catch. Not any more.

I believe that’s the rule, but I’m not sure anyone knows what a catch is anymore. I’ve seen several times, especially in college, where a WR catches the ball, crosses the goal line, and drops the ball all in one step (looks like one motion) and is ruled a TD. I’ve seen other times where a player catches it, gets hit, makes a FB move (at least two steps), hits the ground and juggles the ball, securing it again as its popped loose by ground contact and it’s an incompletion. In my opinion the TD in the two scenarios is incomplete, and the second is a reception, but they dang sure weren’t called that way.

By the way, even though I didn’t like the call, I think it was the right call.

Dez Bryant just lost control of the ball as he hit the ground in the Cowboy game. Initially ruled as a TD completion but over ruled as incomplete. Looks like the NFL agrees with the call on Drew.

Yeah, when I saw the replay, I thought it was incomplete (I’m also a Cowboys fan), but I’ve seen that called a TD in college.

How were we able to run a play and then review the pass.

See, that’s the biggest issue I had. I thought we got the snap off prior to the whistle. Clay was at the game, maybe he could see if the officials were waving their hands before you could hear the whistle. Clay?

That was my concern with the review as well. It took an awfully long time for them to blow the whistle. I couldn’t hear any whistle blowing the play dead until after the play was fully completed. I understand there can be a delay b/w when the ref gets buzzed and when he can blow his whistle. But the entire play was run w/o a whistle until the one at the end to signal the play was over. Its like they went back and decided to review it afterwards.

That was my question, too. As I watched the replay I could see why they ruled it incomplete, but I also thought if another play was run before the review, it becomes too late to review it. Perhaps the officials shouldn’t have allowed the next play to run, but because they did, it seems to me it should no longer have been reviewable.

I believe the officials ruled they had blown the whistle before the subsequent snap. However, I did not hear a whistle

I’ve watched and listened to the replay. I didn’t hear a whistle.

If the ball had squirted away, would they call it a fumble? Probably.

That was a catch and fumble recovery.

You cannot compare the NFL and college rule interpretations of a catch. Totally different.

In college the ground cannot cause an incomplete catch, but in the eyes of the replay official Drew did not maintain possession and the ball hit the ground which allowed him to trap or continue to hold on to it. Granted I am biased, but I believe it was a catch because although the nose did touch the ground, he was possessing it when it did so.

They said the replay official buzzed down right before the snap. It just seems fishy that a lot of bogus or bizarre things occur when Marc Curles is the white hat.

They said the replay official buzzed down right before the snap. It just seems fishy that a lot of bogus or bizarre things occur when Marc Curles is the white hat.
[/quote] And that is exactly the issue and I have seen that in another game this year on TV, maybe TN’s first game. The catch was too close to reverse in college, IMO, but what if we had scored on the next play — that was declared no play. Declaring it no play wouldn’t have stopped a major injury or a targeting penalty had they occurred.
The NCAA or whomever, better get a handle on that and make a hard and fast rule like the NFL. We all saw there was a play. You can’t go back and say there wasn’t. Too many things can happen from people you can’t always trust.
An admittance of error later like in the OSU game does no one any good ----- or like we got when Curles and company made sure Tebow beat us in the Swamp. I had forgot that guys name until you said it.

Ground can’t cause fumble. So no.