Will someone from WHS ask about backup QB?

Legitimate question. It seems Noland would have given us something more than Kelley after Storey went down.

So tired of losing.

If coaches told the TV crew in their pregame mtg that Noland got all of the 2nd team reps then it needs to be asked about on Monday. Not playing the guy that got all of the 2nd team reps is a decision worthy of some criticism.

The more relevant question is why put Ty in positions to get hurt. Some of it is on Ty. He needs to avoid the hits better. But that throwback from Cornelius was outrageously bad. Ty may not be big enough to run a lot in this league. He got his ass kicked last night. Tough kid though. Real tough.

Could be wrong, but I don’t think the play was designed to go back to Storey. Cornelius was looking toward the end zone. It looked to me that he didn’t have a good option downfield, so he decided to dump it off to Storey when he looked across and saw him open. It’s a play someone should ask about if they haven’t already. (I haven’t read all the postgame stuff yet.)