Will somebody please put a hand in Allen's ace

Kevaughn Allen kills us every game because of all that stupid trapping that don’t amount to nothing leading him wide open he has to love play against us because he knows he’s going to get 8 or 9 wide open shots the game…ugh!!!

The trap has led to 3 turnovers. It’s not the trap, it’s having one guy on defense getting lost on the rotations.

2 guarding one will always leave somebody open its a math thing.somebody needs to just stay in his face and forget about trying to help somebody else he’s the one who kills us every game.

I will so happy to see him him graduate. He’s killed us

Rotations and back pedaling the left man covers that, hence getting lost on rotations will get us killed.

We are too busy switching to put Gafford on a guard and one of our guards down in the paint and nobody is worried about K. Allen. That about as stupid as our turnovers.

He has made:

—constested floater over Gafford
—contested 3 over Gafford
—dunk in transition off live ball turnover
—wide open 28 footer

That 3-pointer over Gafford wasnt contested he flashed out there at the last second he was wide open when he got the ball hence the nylon and he was nowhere near 28 feet when he made the other one