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so it doesn’t get lost in the other post.

Visitors leaving today

TE Jake Roberts- N Texas

DB DJ Taylor- ASU

CB Lorado Johnson- Baylor

WR Dont’e Thornton- Oregon

Confirmed visitors arriving today:

WR Xavier Weaver- USF

WR Isaac TeSlaa- Hilldale College

S Al Walcott- Baylor

I do expect one more visitor to be added.



Lots of receivers and DBs. Are there any D-linemen visiting?

None to report right now. Still have three days to go. The one other expected visitor isn’t a DL.

FWIW, hearing some good things today.


Hoping we get some good news on these guys. I think 5-6 of those guys would be starters for us next year.

Love for us to get a big DL!! Big need in my opinion

What are our chances of getting Thornton the big wide receiver?

Weaver is a sleeper. Really reliable WR this year.

Who is he? Never mind I see he visited today… He had very good stats. 53 catches 778 yards at South Florida so he would definitely be a very good addition

Dline have been in portal in spring after practice if patterns of last two years hold. Need secondary and receivers before spring practice to learn systems. Ie, more time to focus on big boys and more enter later if pattern holds. I think coaches are more positive with line on campus too.

Can’t really give a great answer now. Thought that had a solid shot going into the visit but I need to do some checking.


Yeah it would be nice to get him.

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