Will Ole Miss go after Chris Beard?


Yes, like a mouse after cheese. I believe that’s why Kermit was let go before end of season so they could get started early. If not him, it would not surprise me to see them flirt with Pitino or even Mike Anderson if either come available. WPS

Yeah, they’ll go after Beard. No doubt in my mind. They will not go after Petino, Mike Anderson, or any other coach over 60.

I think Greg Sankey might have something to say about that.

Dusty May at Florida Atlantic is being mentioned prominently.

One other name that is popping up – Strong Azz Wade.

Had not figured in the over 60 issue, good point. WPS

If Sankey is OK with The Accessory continueing to play at Bummer, why would he try to stop any member school from hiring Beard? He hasn’t been charged with anyting either, and no one died in the incident that led to Texas firing him.

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Who says he’s okay with it?

Auburn had to jump through a few extra hoops to hire Pearl after his show cause. And the commish is much more likely to get involved in a hiring decision than in whether a player plays or sits.

I guess the posters point is, if Sanky can’t do anything about the Miller situation, what makes you think he can do anything about the Beard situation. You indicate he can step in for that but can’t step in for Miller… so that’s the confusion.

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Do heads of conferences get involved with player suspensions? Not sure that would be a good thing to start. I realize this situation is different but sounds like a slippery slope to me. Coaching hires I can see to a certain degree but…

Beard has no convictions, no show cause, etc, etc, etc. I don’t know if Ole Miss will try to sign him or not. Sankey has no say. Obviously, the Swine is against it. :sunglasses:

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Beard? No way. I think Ole Miss will stick to its principles and take the high road and hire Will Wade.


oh man…lol

LOL!!! Yes but hasn’t NIL kind of leveled the field for SAO’s ?

Probably. It’s a slap on the wrist, but I was glad to see the NCAA dipping its toes in the NIL enforcement pool with the mild sanctions against the Miami women’s program involving the Cavinder twins. But they’re going to have to come down a lot harder than that on someone before the NIL insanity begins to calm down.

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