Will NEZ be ready for the first game?

I look at the video daily and see very little progress. I’m worried. We are inside 60 days. Looks like a “long way to go and a short time to get there”.

Any insider viewpoints?

Hate to seem stupid but, Who is NEZ???

AD said everything is a go.

I think he told somebody in Omaha that the exterior stuff will be done by August 1 and they’ll spend August on the interior areas.

Putting in the seats is the easy part. They can get those done in a couple of days, one row at a time.

North End Zone.

He told that to me. I’ve asked several people several times about the progress because I see so much handwringing on the message boards about the construction. All of them - and these are the people who are overseeing it - tell me that it is on time and on budget, and that the schedule is to have the exterior finished by Aug. 1 and the interior ready by the first game.

Was inside the stadium a couple of weekends ago with someone that is fully involved with the situation. He said there is a lot of work to do but everyone thinks it gets done. It maybe that all of the “Bells and Whistles” may not be ready, but that the area will be ready for people to be in and watch football.

I’ve been told that the administrative offices probably are not going to be move-in ready before the first game, but should be ready not long afterward. The AD offices have been housed in the old basketball offices at Bud Walton Arena since the Broyles Center was torn down in December 2016.

The administrators I have spoken with have all said the same thing: The fan areas are the priority.

Would you announce that something you are still selling seats in wasn’t going to ready? I suspect it will be ready for the fans, I’ve got seats in it so it better be, but it does look like a dog who has forgotten were he buried his bone, work a little here, work a little there…

I don’t work in construction, so I’m no authority on how close a building is to being ready. I’ve been witness to some large-scale home builds and I recall always thinking that the exterior transformation in the final couple of weeks is pretty extraordinary. I suspect you’ll see that be the case over the coming days with the football stadium.

It looks awesome - can’t wait to see a night game there with an Arkansss Victory

I grew up with WMS but it’s time for All fans to move to RRS or we need to end the Jerry Workd game and make it Home and Home