Will next year be a rebuilding year or a reloading year?

There are several good pitchers coming back and Stovall to move to second base, but most of the starters AND their reserves (mostly each other) are not returning. I know we have got some talent already coming in the portal and from JC’s and I hope we can get a portal player like Ole Miss did with DeLucia to come in and have a great year pitching. I would think the opportunity is clear for any talented player who wants to end his career in Omaha and get developed more completely at some great facilities with great coaching. Some talent has already left in the portal. Can someone summarize the “so far unused” talent wating in the wings on the Hill ready to step up next year? We have had several years of high rated recruiting classes. The cupboard should not be bare.

Other than pitching, the current roster appears to be depleted.

As you say, there is a talented signing class coming in.

It will be interesting watching the portal.

I’m anxious to hear from Matt (the best baseball writer in Arkansas) in the coming weeks.

Since DVH has only had one bad year in 20, I have a strong feeling The Hogs will be in the thick of things next season.


Didn’t OU get somebody from the portal just in the last few weeks? A all conference guy??

Notre Dame’s coach is leaving for Florida State. Maybe some of their guys will look to move on to somewhere besides Tallahassee.

Take your pick. They are the same thing. You build a team in the fall in some area every year. And if you look at Van Horn’s past, he does great at it. I don’t know all of the pieces yet, but they are like most SEC teams now, Dave will have talent and he has a system of putting a team together and making the cream rise. Then he coaches them up. He is terrific at that.


Our Maestro of the Diamond Field.

DVH’s history says we’ll be very good next year. I’d bet good money right now we’ll be in the NCAAT next year. I wouldn’t even be afraid to bet we’ll make the super regional. Anything beyond that starts getting harder, but who better than DVH to do it?

I think our returning pitching will definitely be good enough to have us ranked, preseason. Smith and McEntire alone should be good enough for that, not to mention the others we have returning (Tygart, Morris, etc.)

We’ll be ranked next year based upon reputation alone.


Not that some of these guys can’t/won’t lose jobs to portal guys, but here’s what I see coming back (and it’s also possible that some draft-eligible guys won’t get drafted or offered enough and also will come back).

2B – Stovall
3B – Diggs
C – Leach
RF – Bohrofen
LF – Gregory (draft eligible but can come back)

Soliz is listed as a catcher/outfielder but didn’t play either one this year; he started one game as the DH and got into four others. Interesting to see if he moves on or battles for a spot. Could he play first?

Not a lot of position players in the signing class; I count five infielders and one outfielder. I would guess DVH will work the portal hard.

We need to find someone who can shore up the 9-hole spot in the batting order. That almost has become a sure out.

Soliz has big-time power. He handled the nasty pitch I threw him just fine.


Lol! Are we thinking Bob Moore is gone? I’m assuming he’s going to be drafted early based on that elite glove?

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We are bringing in four or five very good Juco infielders I put a post detailing them as well as a few more.

Yes. Most likely will be drafted and signed. It will be more about who drafts him than what they offer. Obviously the family does not need money.


Diggs will be a 1st. Doesn’t quite have the defense to be at 3rd at this level.

He was a 3B in high school. We haven’t seen him play enough D at this level to know. He played five games this year as a 1B, probably all when Stovall was injured; he sure wasn’t going to get any time at 3B with Wallace over there. Handled 26 chances without an error, which again doesn’t tell us much; 25 of those were just catching the ball at 1B.

Does Soliz have a defensive position or will he mostly DH? It takes at least a pretty good defender to get on the field anywhere for the Hogs.

Didn’t Gregory have the best on base percentage on the team?

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Gregory was 3rd in OB% but it was close.