Will Muschamp Fired

per espn

His name was floated around as a possible head coach for Arkansas on multiple occasions. I’m kind of surprised he was so unsuccessfull.

They owe him 15 million. In these days of cash shortages for schools some big money guys must have stepped up.

dang good d-coordinator, probably will be a special assistnat to Saban soon. It was the right move but costly. He had lost the whole state.

He’s going to make some team in need of a D-coordinator very happy. I don’t think he jumps to a new team as head coach any time soon.

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It’s down to $13M after a contract restructuring, and they’ll probably make monthly payments like the rest of us, lol.

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Figured he was going to be gone… Will look at Freeze I’m sure.

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This is what I’m thinking as well.

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First domino has fallen. My guess, Pruitt is next.

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He’s a good defensive coach. I always thought he’d end up at UGA, but his buddy got that gig. Anyway, 5 years at USC when the West was clearly stronger; if USC was going to resurface it should have occurred during this window. Now, it appears that Florida is back…too late.

The pandemic has already figured to cost Tenn 40 million this year so if they hold on to him, we’re only talking the first couple of games next year. They’re fed up no doubt.

One of my Vol friends texted me that TN needs to fire Pruitt today and hire Freeze immediately. Before Carolina gets him.

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Carolina or someone will snatch him pretty soon I’m almost sure.

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when the cupboard is getting bare morals become second place at some universities unfortunately.


This thread makes me think about the current predicament at LSU. I can understand their offense dropping off, but defensively, well, let’s just say they should be happy that the Earth isn’t flat–or they would have fallen off of the edge of it.

If I’m LSU, I’m calling Muschamp’s agent and jumping ship on Pelini. You can take a few steps back when you lose talent to the NFL, but you can’t be that bad with that much talent; I’m sorry.

Freeze will be the hottest name going forward. Good time to be his agent.

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Remember when Muschamp was the head coach in waiting at Texas? They were sure he was the next big thing.

I remember when Brad Scott was the next big thing. Carolina South is where the careers of next big things go to die.

I remember when a three time Big 10
Champ was the next big thing at Arkansas…

Jeff Long was going after Muschamp after he struck out on Jim Grobe and Tommy Bowden. I was pretty convinced at that point that Long didn’t have a clue.

Aside: Petrino was practically begging for the job and fell into Long’s lap at that point, giving us some of our best football since joining the SEC. Of course, Long fixed that first chance he got and gave us “Smiley” then a Big10 coach who had stepped into an established system-program and kept it going at Wisconsin - obviously not a good resume for an SEC rebuild.

At least we got to say, “integrity goes a Long way…” Unfortunately for Jeff, he has since been credibly accused of inappropriate behavior at KS, bringing into question that whole “integrity” thing…