Will Morris make it to to November?

Will C.M make it to the end of the year? Its a realistic question and getting beat by teams like this will not help his case…

I saw somewhere this morning that the buyout is $14 million. I suspect he’ll make it … and probably through the end of next year too.

I doubt we fire anyone at this stage of tenure.

Lack of physical play and game planning while losing to weakest competition however could lead to firing assistants.

Young or not, Chavis did not have that defense ready to play in any way. It was destroyed from play one.

Read the Buyout is 9.8mm on 1/1/20

That is correct. His buyout would be 70 percent of the unpaid total amount on his six-year contract.

Two weeks in a row we have given up huge chunks of yardage at start of game. We had guys so out of position it was ridiculous. Chavis has to go at end of season or HY needs to inform CM that he will be gone. I hate for AD to meddle with coaching but I don’t think HY has a choice!

I would be surprised if they let him go before giving him three years, but you never know after a loss like this one.

Well the new WHS format is nice. The question may very well become how many fans can survive to November. UA football has long been in a spiral, but you reap what you sow. For me it is all about watching Yurachek. I was actually high on Chad Morris because I thought he might for once displace my still disgruntled views on the firing of Bobby Petrino. But I see nothing from CCM that gives me hope. I fear the worst is yet to come, starting this Saturday. But to answer your question “Yes” CCM will make it to November. It will be so bad that it would be pointless to fire him with few games left. I think it will play out similar to how the firing of Bret Bielema went. CCM will settle with a very comfortable buyout in the $6 million range, and he will be glad to get out of SEC. With all that said the UA will continue to follow this losing pattern as long as the powers to be view they can use money to buy their way out of the mess created with that one over-reactive firing. Since we can’t have Petrino (in theory anyway), time to look for those attributes to restore discipline, speed, and creativity back to the program. No way a CBP QB stays on the field after 2 picks against an inferior opponent let alone 4 picks. With the two failed 4th down plays we basically had 7 turnovers against an FCS school!!!

If, If, If, at the end of the year, this team is really 4-20 or 5-19 / 0-16 in the SEC, I just can’t believe that the Arkansas Razorbacks football program has fallen so far that they would actually keep the head coach. That would mean the Hogs had lost to 3 or 4 OOC teams with inferior talent and 4 or 5 SEC teams with equal or worse talent than the Hogs. Surely that would not be acceptable to our Administration, Board, and the fans!

You talk about his contract the money, but if you have 30,000 fans that don’t show up for the games and 15,000 that cancel their season tickets, that probably would amount to a bigger loss than buying out the HC’s contract.

Its a dumpster fire but even if they let him go after the end of the year or next year… Coaches are not calling to take the job at all!

Unless something major happens (like a blonde volleyball player falls off his Harley), Morris will easily make it to November (they aren’t firing him mid season). Now, will he make it to Dec? I think so this year, but next year, if he loses a game he’s not supposed to, he may not make it until the 2nd weekend.