Will McEntire

Our starting pitching seems to be wearing down a bit. Noland is the only one who can consistently make it 5 innings or further, and even he struggled this weekend.

With midweek games over, and more bullpen innings needed, is McEntire an option for some more work? The best option?

Hagan Smith actually did ok. Two runs in that place isn’t bad.

Pitching has not been perfect but driving in runs has been our problem.


Pitching has very rarely been the cause in our losses,the hitting with RISP has killed us in pretty much every loss and will continue to do so until we start getting much better at it. We are top 5 in the nation in Pitching but last in SEC in hitting with RISP.Hoefully we can get better in those situations.


Tygart needs to practice fielding bunts and with runners in different positions to help with his decision making and staying calm.

Freshman mistake. I’m betting he does what you suggested and it never happens again.

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The thread was a question about McEntire. No one is responding about that. Hagen did fine, but it was only 4 innings. Our starters are not lasting as deep into the game. That’s not an opinion.

We might need more bullpen innings. Is McEntire an option?

McEntire will probably pitch today. He might not be the first pitcher in because the coaches want him to start an inning vs. inheriting runners on base.

Thanks Matt!

McEntire only threw 50 pitches Tuesday in preparation for him pitching today.

How much did Taylor throw Friday? Is he good to go today?

Taylor is good to go today. He threw 31 pitches Friday.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Tygart in a very limited role.

McEntire and Taylor today, no Tygart.

A solid start from Wiggins and an impressive outing by McEntire. Today made me feel even better about pitching that was already pretty good.

That’s what I thought. Makes you feel a bit better about our end of the season pitching prospects. He showed excellent control, especially during the 6th - 8th innnings. With only a four run lead, I thought we were rolling the dice a bit in the 9th, but the HC gave him a chance to succeed in the 9th…that was probably the better thing.

I think most expected hitting to carry the team. No, it’s pitchers doing well.

I’m proud MCEntire got a shot to pitch. This is an example of a young man continuing to put in the work and stay committed to being successful. He adds mental toughness to the bull pen.

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