Will Mason or Joe play in NIT?

I wonder if would risk injury or further injury if contemplating NBA.

We’re not sure yet if Joe will even be able to play by then, but if he’s back, I’d think he wants to show the scouts he’s recovered enough to play.

By the way we have not yet clinched a winning record, so NIT is not a lead pipe cinch either.

I think both would play unless teams let them know they will most likely be 1st round draftees. With Joe coming off an injury, I doubt he would be told that. If Jones continues his torrid pace, he might get some hints from teams/scouts about a 1st or early 2nd round draft pick. I don’t believe they can put their name in for evaluation before the NIT or NCAA. If that’s wrong somebody correct me.

Doubt Joe will be going to the NBA. He needs to improve his game in creating shots other than 3 pointers. If Jones would not play in the NIT we should decline the invitation.

We will have to go winless to not have a winning record. I doubt we go winless.

Win One game and go to the NIT! That’s possible. Win enough to make the dance next to impossible in my opinion!
Joe playing this season maybe but he’s not practice yet! Jones I think he will play as long as the team has games to play. I haven’t seen Jones very high on a draft board yet!

I think Jones’s play is get invited to NBA combines and impress. He will get an invite based on what he us doing.

Guess I am slow, I am still thinking about the season and the conference tournament.

The season went down when Joe got hurt. After the Ole Miss game he played hurt for a few weeks. Now he is out and the hogs are also out! Play the season out and go try to win the Wednesday game at the SEC tournament and get hammered Thursday and go play the a game in the NIT! That’s what’s in store.
Getting some depth for next season is the objective.
Maybe they can find some players that won’t fouls 90 feet from the basket and won’t foul on a break away layup just to give the opponent and an 1!

I’m not sure that the Razorbacks will make it in the NIT as the criteria is so much harder now than it once was.

Lets say it like it is… With Joe out, we have 4 starters per se from the first part of the year.
Then the others that fill in that 5th spot are just not very good ball players… play hard for a minute and maybe do one thing right and then bad for 3-4 minutes with multiple mistakes. That is NOT the consistency we need. We need players that play hard and make few mistakes MOST of the time with a lapse here and there. It is not happening.
4 of our players who have to play now will NOT play much next year for sure. They grade out as a 2 star player, someone that usually is at UCA or in the AIC conference. We need at least 3 star players in the game and hopefully a 4 star or two next year. Talked to a few fans after the game today and they said the crowd was becoming like the one during the football season. Lack of interest is getting worse and such.
Then Foundation funds go down and seats are given up. Can’t blame Coach M or the unexpected injuries, BUT the key is having 9-10 players who can play whereas now we have only 5-6 quality players. I hate the situation for Coach M. We needed our 7’2" center SO BADLY and why he was not allowed to play, since his very sick grandmother lives in Arkansas, is beyond my comprehension.
At least he will be great for us next year… I hope he stays.
I think we win 20 games and win one in the SEC. Then we MIGHT get a #15 slot in the NCAA … I would NOT want to go to the NIT. Nothing to brag about in the NIT, except that you are a #64 team in the nation or worse! That is NOT recruiting material!!! :frowning:

Why in the world would you think that Connor Vanover, who is 7-foot-3, would leave?

Connor, who is a not a low post player, has a chance to be good, maybe very good, but not likely great.

What four won’t be playing?

I would think 3-star Jones, 4-star Joe, 4-star Chaney and 3-star Sills will play. Whitt, Bailey and Cylla will be out of eligibility. All that leaves is two players - Harris and Henderson. who was rated a 4-star in high school.

None of those were 2-star players, which really isn’t a thing in basketball.

Arkansas, probably won’t be in the NCAA Tournament, but the Razorbacks would not be a 15th seed. The lowest they would be is a 12, after which the automatic qualifiers are bracketed.

Anybody who wants to give up on basketball after how hard these kids are playing needs to walk out and not come back. Arkansas doesn’t need fans like that.


Dudley these players have given their all. The depth has CEM handcuffed with no options! They have overachieved!
I don’t expect them to make the dance especially since the injury Joe suffered.
That’s not giving up! I’ve watched through all the rough years!
CEM has showed he can get a team to play defense and get players to perform he just needs more players added to the roster.

Both will play if we get to any post season tourney.

Sat by Jones’s family yesterday and talked with a person very very close to Jones. Asked him direct if Jones would be back next season. Answer without hesitation was Yes. Would not really speak about Joe but I think that both will be back and we will be loaded to the hilt. Those comments about the crowd I just don’t understand. I must have been at a different game…Also, Jones’s brother’s championship ring was something to see.

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I doubt if anyone is going to tell you “no” at this time of the season, He will lose a lot of fan support if he did that. Players don’t even say they are leaving after the season is over. No one will say anything until they have made up their mind.

After Bobby Portis, I tone them out on this talk unless they say they are leaving.

It will be hard for Jones to reproduce this season next year. He is not going to get the number of shot attempts he is getting this year. Knowing he is not scoring 30 every other game will frustrate him and that will lower his value in any potential draft. It will be a Scotty Thurman type of mistake for him to come back.

As far as Joe, he should based on what happened this year.

PJ, are you paying attention to draft boards? Recent updates still aren’t listing Mason. Players that aren’t listed on draft boards don’t get invites to combines. Athleticism is and will always be the issue. I think a lot of folks just don’t realize the criteria for draft picks. There are probably a lot of good basketball fans that would be very surprised with Reggie Perry’s draft projection.

I had this conversation with another poster last week. It’s a valid point that his stock may not be higher than what it is at the end of this year. However, if the outcome is Overseas/G-League this year or next, is it worth it? Especially, if you’re as much as competitor like him. He’s looking at the team roster next year, no doubt.

Yes, I am aware he is not on the draft board. I thought you could get invited to the combine without being on the draft board. Stand corrected.

My feeling is overseas or G League is what Mason is shooting for with an outside shot at NBA. As far as Mason looking at next year’s roster, I feel the opposite of what you said. If Moody comes, it will reduce his minutes and scoring. I don’t think he will like that.

If he views next year’s roster as a chance of winning a title, that is possible but in my gut, I just don’t sense that in Mason. I am reminded of when Anderson shunted him to the bench to get instant scoring off the bench and Mason’s reaction to it,

As I said before, if all 3 are here, that would one heck of a trio. Because Moody is the one of the 4 commits who will be immediate impact.

We usually agree on lots of stuff, but not in your last post.

I do not think Moses is the only one of THE 3 commits and one signee and/or the 7 to 8 newcomers that will contribute.

According to Mason himself, he wants to put himself in the best situation to play in the NBA. not the D-League or overseas.

He is not adverse to do that, but isn’t his goal.

Most of all he wants to win.

He sees and talks what Arkansas could have next season. He wants help, not more points or 40 minutes a game. He tells recruits that.

I do expect him and Joe to get the NBA info on what they need to work on and be back.

My questions are for HamOp, who referenced Vanover and the fans.