Will KY get 40 FT attempts tonight?

I’m curious what the the FT disparity will be tonight. KY covers spread in FT alone.

AR: 13-20 (65%)
KY: 31-40 (78%)

Score: 102-75

I think the SEC will send out an ultimatum to the officials to avoid “home cooking” or “blue blood” favoritism. AR wins because they get more FT attempts. :o

I think you have the idea of what happens in the SEC down to a T! I doubt the hogs get 15 free throws. It won’t matter we can’t make them anyway.
Kentucky will get between 35 to 40.

It will take a miracle for the hogs to win.
I will watch but I’m not holding my breathe hoping for a win. Just keep in within 15 points that my hope.

Knowing the refs, they will have 40 attempts the first half

I’m just hoping we actually drive aggressively to the basket and draw fouls and give ourselves a chance to go to the line.

Instead of being pushed by a defense so far out on perimeter.

Penetrate and go strong to the basket, Hogs.

Hard to draw a foul 20 feet out.