Will Kopps?

Play any fall ball or taking his recovery very slow?

They are being very careful with him. He has thrown to some hitters in practice, but I do not think he will pitch in a scrimmage.

I think DVH said on the radio this week that he might get an inning tonight. He has just been released to throw breaking balls now.

hes pitching now, issued a walk

Looked terrific.

He’s a difference maker for sure.Great CB! if he can spot his FB for strikes he can be very good same for Ramage.

Kopps looked unhittable. He had zip on his fast ball and he was throwing that dark one. That’s what I call a pitch that just disappears, the dark one. He can make it work both ways and I just don’t know how you hit it.

Is Kopps projected as a reliever or would they like for him to (eventually) become a starter?

He would have been a big difference last season. I’m just excited to see the young man BACK on the mound. They will be careful with him. That dark one Clay was talking about is the pitch a hitter rips his cap and returns to the dugout on.
Let’s all hope he can stay healthy.

Last summer when Van Horn was talking about a potential weekend starting rotation, he started with Isaiah Campbell and Kevin Kopps. We are a long ways from late February, but I think they hope Kopps can start at some point this spring.

I sure hope so he has the experience and the stuff.