Will Knox —

Actually be back Wednesday?

1 week after mono diagnosis?


I hope not. Rest up my friend, you’ve got many, many weeks ahead of you.

I came down with mono my freshman year. It was awful. Lost a lot of weight and had no energy. All I wanted to do was sleep. I really think it took me a
year to fully recover. My son on the other hand, got it his senior year of high school and made a quick recovery. Hoping Trey is a quick mono healer like my son. And please, don’t call him Will.

Lol, just realized I should’ve put a question mark and a comma. Will is the alter ego, mysteriously sick Knox.

Yeah, I’ve had several friends get mono, my mom included, and they were all down and out for a while. At the least a couple of weeks. Knox has been very active, and at all of the events, and now possibly returning after 1 week from diagnosis? That’s why I still don’t buy it

I would not think that with mono he’d be in the wide receiver meetings. But what do I know?

That’s what I’ve been saying.

The mono is complete BS

Where was it reported he was in WR meetings last week?

Quote from Joe Craddock today on Knox:

So, hoping to get him back out there Wednesday. That would be the ideal situation to get him back out there Wednesday so he can have a couple of days to kind of prepare and get ready. But he’s in every one of (receivers) coach (Justin) Stepp’s meetings preparing with the gameplan and understanding what we have to do and his assignments. So I don’t have any concerns with him.


One of my son’s golf teammates has mono, he’s made every practice, match, meeting, etc. As long as he’s not sharing a water bottle, drink, etc, you aren’t going to get it. He has days where he’s felt better than others, but shoots par or under, lol.

That’s not entirely true.

And the risk is too high, would be the obvious thought. The chance of being around just a few of the guys, and them getting it, and then possibly they go and share a water bottle with more teammates without knowing they had contracted it? Way too risky. On top of the fact that Knox has literally not shown any sign that this is true, he’s been at everything and been giddy apparently. Smoke and mirrors is what this seemed like, which is fine, as long as Trey is back Wednesday… who cares what it was

it’s not just direct saliva (kissing/ water bottle) that can spread this, cough, sneeze, having your hands on your mouth and touching people/things can.

Just way too risky. If it were true.

P.s. I know there are doctors on this board, and I’m kind of surprised none of them have commented about this in any of the threads. I’ve learned a little about Mono/EBV, but idk near as much as a lot of people, so I text my buddy who is in year 2 of his emergency medicine residency. He (also a Razorback fan) said he’s dealt with mono quite a bit, and that he can’t believe that’s what it was if he were truly back in 1 week after the diagnosis, just highly unlikely and dangerous because of enlarged spleen possibility. Also hit on being around the team and how that’s not a good idea, at all.

feeling good on his snapchat.

I’ve had it, and my oldest son had it 8 years ago, I’ll go with what I’ve known and dealt with, it’s not the plague. If it is/was mono, he had the virus 3-4 weeks before it set in, so he probably exposed it to others for awhile.