Will KJ play?




Just hope he is good to go when we tangle with BYU.

Reading between the lines, I would say no. They are now very careful with this stuff And really so.

Odds are no. So, who gets the snaps? Will both backups get snaps? Someone will emerge as the number 2. Be interesting to see who.

My insider information says he will play and that we will win.

My Gut told me so.

I would say the odds probably 80/20 that he doesn’t play just for precautionary measures.

We never really got a good report on how badly he was injured. Although he didn’t practice Monday and Tuesday, he did Wednesday. I wouldn’t be surprised if he plays. I also wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t. Good job by the coaches to keep his condition under wraps. I suspect he will be in uniform on the field during warmups and the people at the game should be reporting that soon.

I would say no. Hope I’m wrong. If he doesn’t play, I really hope Hornsby gets his chance. State’s blitz packages have limited the effectiveness of our run game in prior years. Believe Malik’s speed would really open the field for us.

Seems to me , he cannot be 100% so the ? is he well enough to play at what level compared to 100% is and how does that compare to other two qb options. I am betting it would be real close so MSU is biggest game on schedule because is is next and we have two SEC loses now suggesting KJ would play. Not sure the two backups would fare any worse if KJ is not at top of his game as MSU could force him to do things that would not be best for him in game. Coaches want best players on field but not at risk to them or team. Today’s game while the QB is key player on field is our defense and stopping MSU. I lead to the two backups playing given that outlook. Odom has to plan that can be executed with resources he has. MSU will not be Bama.

Remember folks, we once beat Old Mrs with an intramural QB.

Nope! Hopefully we see him next week! WPS

Quote from Sam Pittman on SEC Network:

“He’s available. I don’t know what we’re going to do with him, to be honest with you, but he’s available to play.”

Yes, I saw Sam say that. His body language said “not a chance”.

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