Will KJ play tomorrow?

Is he supposed to start?

I bet we don’t know until game time.

That’s my assumption, too.

Would love to see M. start and play the first quarter or up to the half if premissable
second half reserved for KJ IF he’s available only.

I personally don’t think he will, I do think we will do all we can to win out. My thought is this, CSP should make sure KJ is heathy for the Missouri game which is the best chance to make us bowl eligible. Going to a bowl would be good for this team, keeping the border line trophy and good for recruiting hopefully. Getting Hornsby a start or two would give him the coaches and fans a feel for where he’s at on as SEC level Qb. We need to seize every opportunity we can to salvage all we can out of this season and continue to move forward. By the way I’m not throwing in the towel on any of the games left to play no matter who starts at Qb! WPS

One more time! If Hornsby starts, please let his first play be a long pass. It’s guaranteed to be a TD if he throws it rite and if our WR doesn’t fall down.

Here’s hoping Satenga plays. Need his speed over the top to loosen things up, whether we throw to him or not.

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We had numerous passes dropped last week.

Sounds good to me! WPS

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