Will Kiffin’s Bachelorhood work against his candidacy

Not judging or saying it should be a criteria, but curious how an AD looking for stability in a high profile program might evaluate vs other coaching situations.

Bachelorhood? Is he on that reality TV show my wife and daughters like? Hopefully he will be more worried about X and Os and recruiting rather than handing out roses.

More serious answer — it should not. This isn’t the 50s. June Cleaver isn’t marrying football coaches.

With Bielema’s alleged drinking and carousing and Petrino’s womanizing, they were sort of de facto bachelors. And Morris essentially was a bachelor because his wife did not live with him full time.

Maybe you are on to something…

Might be a positive. The hours spent as a HC can/will wear on a marriage.

Could also be a positive because he’s not worried about getting home to the wife/kids. Of course you could say that about a lot of coaches who have a wife and kids.

Do campus coeds need to be on lock-down or early curfew when HC is in town?

For the record, I don’t think it matters.

But I’m not making this critical decision.

I wonder if a close call between coaching candidates, if any factor at all with our AD.

I would say no if he is best candidate in HY’s opinion. Further HY was reported to be interested in him at Houston and I think Lane was divorced then but need to confirm it

I don’t think it matters, but because it was asked, two of Yurachek’s three coaching hires so far have been unmarried.

Interesting and good to know. Thanks