Will Justice Hill feel a pull to NY?

What’s the chance Justice would follow Mike? Since he hasn’t played a minute for the Hogs, would he probably get a waiver for immediate eligibility to St Johns?

I would hate to lose him. I think he has a huge upside as a 4 year player.

Would he need a waiver since technically he’s just a regular student?

Seriously doubt it. I know Fitz and CMA were friends, but I think his allegiance lies with Arkansas. Could be wrong, but that is my feel.

If there was any player on the team that would be interested in following Mike to St. Johns, Gabe would seem to be the obvious choice, being from Toronto and without any family in this part of the country.

Possible. But, Gabe has been in AR for a minute now. Spent at least one year of high school ball in LR.

That’s a good point. I guess officially, he won’t go on a basketball scholarship until summer, after this semester is over. He’s been practicing with the team, but I guess just as a walk on?

Yes. He’s a walk-on for the semester.

If it happens, it could be a mutual decision between Hill and Muss. The way Fitz Hill talks, I am not sure how the new regime feels about him. They may want his scholarship.

I think Hill to St. John’s is not that far fetched.

Good thinking. I had not thought about that.

I think either way if Hill wanted to follow Mike and play at St Johns he could with immediate eligibility.
But I also think he stays home.

I’m wondering if Garland may go up there & get checked by St Johns medical staff and more NY doctors.

Garland already uses the famous clinic in New Jersey for all his tests and diagnosis.

Based on some of his recent comments and offers, I think our new coach would love to have every “open” scholarship he can get his hands on right now. He will have to decide if Hill is worth tying up a slot or if he can find a better fit for his system elsewhere (grad transfer, JUCO, trying to flip a commit out there somewhere).

Looking at our current roster it wouldn’t surprise me if after evaluation is done by CEM that he will be opening up 4 - 6 spots for newcomers for next season.
He wants and expects to win sooner than later and that will force some decisions on his part as well as several players to find another opportunity. I could see him bringing in a couple of kids out of High School and another 2,3 or even 4 via the GradTransfer/JUCO route.

I do think he will try to retain current players such as Cheney, Joe, Jones, Sils, Henderson, Harris, Bailey, Gabe O.
Garland, if cleared to play might be In the mix.
Justice Hill, who knows what CEM thinks of him.

CEM is going to get it done.

Go Hogs!

I’m confused. You said you wouldn’t be surprised if he will open up 4-6 spots while also saying he will try to retain basically everybody (Ali the exception)?

You never know about these things, but I think Justice is more about Arkansas than following Coach A, although they have great respect for him.

He has two open spots now, three if Garland were to go on medical hardship.

I think if anyone was leaving on their own - other than Keyshawn Embery-Simpson - they would have already announced, put their name in the portal and started taking visits.

While Coach Musselman may advise somebody to leave, I don’t see him advising three to leave.

One would think he would definitely take Kyree Walker and a couple of the one more and done graduate transfers.

Because he is going to need scholarships for the 2020 kids.

KES, Phillips, Gafford, Garland - four graduate transfers or 3 and Walker (a one and done). Plus Bailey leaves. So that’s four maybe five for next year. Justice is a walk on right now. I haven’t heard Muss say he’s not.

And there are rumors two more may leave, and Ibby isn’t one of the two.

2019-2020 Scholarships

  1. Joe
  2. Jones
  3. Sills
  4. Chaney
  5. Harris
  6. Bailey
  7. Osabuohein
  8. Garland
  9. Henderson
  10. Ali
  11. Hill

That leaves two, three if Garland goes on medical redshirt

I don’t know why Bailey would leave and I don’t know why you ask him, too. when he is so close to getting you the full APR points, which is still a thing

Are these rumors coming from the same batch of people who put out the last ones that turned out to be false?

Dudley, reading comprehension is your friend. :smiley:

He said next year (20-21). Bailey would graduate, and Hill is not on scholarship for 19-20 until Muss says he is. You should know that. Even without Hill that’s still four for next year.

As for the rumors, the guy was a lot closer than any of the AR “media guys” that were putting stuff out.

I’m still trying to figure out how you can “retain” and “open up” at the same time?

I just showed you. Not being rude. He is talking about the 2020-2021 season (Moody would be a freshmen). Right now we have 4 open scholarships (well technically two) for 19-20. Those four Gafford, KES, Holmes, Garland. Holmes would return to his walkon status, and Garland would go on medical.

Muss is offering Grad transfers. If he places Hill on scholarship and he HAS NOT said he would as of this moment, then we will have those same three scholarships open next year. Bailey will graduate (he’s a SR), that means he will have a minimum 4 scholarships for next year (20-21). If he leaves Justice as a walk-on he will have 5. That’s without losing anyone (retaining as he stated).

Now there are rumors of a few players already contemplating it. That’s not any of the ones I mentioned, it’s ones we are counting as retaining.