Will jersey #27 and #5 ever be retired?

Maybe if Atwater makes that int at Miami or if DMAC won the Heisman Instead of back to back runner up I guess. (Kidding of course)

But man those are two jersey numbers of absolute national greatness in our program to this fan.

I certanily understand the sentiment. Both of those guys represent iconic spots in the pantheon of great Hogs. That said, I personally am not a huge fan of retiring jerseys. What I’d like to see is the coaches honor the legacy by awarding those to players that earn it. I think that’d be pretty cool. I understantd that guys get locked in on numbers and such (esp with tatoos), but if we make it a big deal to wear 5 and 27 i think it’d be good.

I also think they should let the best senior walkon wear 77 to honor Burls.

What if the best senior walk-on is a wide receiver? Or a running back? They can’t wear 77 by rule. Besides, any walk-on who contributes enough to be a factor in his senior season also probably is on scholarship by his senior season.

I don’t have a problem with not retiring 5, or any other number. Wouldn’t have a problem with unretiring 12 and 77 either. If Burlsworth hadn’t been in that wreck, his number would not have been retired. His performance, while noteworthy for various reasons, was not THAT outstanding; we’ve had a number of offensive linemen who were better players than Brandon.

It should be noted that all three of the people so honored are now deceased, with the passing of Clyde Scott in January. With the Burlsworth Foundation going strong, I don’t anticipate that they would open 77 back up, but it wouldn’t bother me if they did.

I don’t ever want to retire another number. As long as we’re limited to 1 or 2 digits on a jersey, it’s a bad idea. There are lots of other ways to honor great players. Clyde Scott’s was retired so long ago that I assume no one considered the problem (or thought there’d ever be another player who deserved it.) Even then we “unretired” it to allow Steve Little to wear #12. I don’t know if that was a good idea once we had made the decision to retire that number, but we did it. I guess it is retired again now.

I wish we hadn’t retired Brandon Burlsworth’s, either, even though I certainly understand the sentiment that led to it.

But what will we do if some recruit really wants to wear a particular number? That was allegedly the case with Steve Little.

Nah, hang jerseys on rafters. Put names and numbers on walls. Do all sorts of things. But don’t retire a number ever again.

It will seem obvious when one should be retired. I don’t see any that are obvious so don’t do it. Not sure what should happen to make it so obvious, but it will happen. I bet it does not come up that often that a number causes issues in recruiting.

5 needs to be. In my opinion, likely the most dominant player that will ever come through the U of A. Gave us 3 more than great years, my favorite personally.

should be retired.

It’s mathematically unsustainable.

Eventually you won’t have enough active numbers to field a team.

I don’t think we have to retire #5, but it would be nice to have something in the stadium honoring DMac. A plaque or maybe a statute with an inscription along the lines of " All-American. Screwed out of the Heisman by sportswriters who favored a mediocre quarterback wearing an Ohio State jersey".

I pretty much agree. On the 2018 roster we have FOUR #18s. At some point they’re going to screw up and have two of them on the field at the same time, which is a penalty (I know of at least once we did that in the past and didn’t get caught).

I will never forget the old USFL football league for the defensive back who had a name on the back of his jersey that said “He Hate Me”. Never knew what the deal was with that, but it was so danged funny, I never forgot that.

What about a bronze of DMac at RRS? He is the greatest player in Razorback history. He needs to be honored in a great way. Great for him. Great for the program.

Rod Smart. He was a running back, eventually played 5 years in the NFL with the Eagles, Raiders and mostly the Panthers, on special teams for the most part. And that league was the XFL, the one run by the guy who owns WWE (I think he’s trying again). Our own Chrys Chukwuma was also playing in the XFL, and I believe the name on his jersey was “Chuckwagon”.

The XFL. Was that Vince McMahon who owned the wrestling empire? I had completely forgotten about that league.

Swine, do you work for google or wikipedia? Where did you get the picture and information?

Good points on not wanting to reduce number of jerseys.

Guess main point was permantely honoring in some way.

Used to love the way Atwater would lead the team onto the field. You knew he meant business.

And DMAC should have had two Heismans and was a household name across the country. Would love a statue or something around stadium

Correct on Vince McMahon and the XFL.

Somebody once told me, it’s not always knowing the answer, it’s knowing where to find the answer. I know bits and pieces and fill in the rest with quick research. I know how to find out quickly that Frank Broyles’ first Arkansas team was 0-6 in September and October and 4-0 in November, for instance, since we have that new JFB video out this week.

In this case, type “he hate me” into Google and there it was: Pictures and the Wikipedia entry on Rod Smart. It would have been much more difficult if his jersey had been grammatically correct. No pictures of Chukwuma’s “Chuckwagon” jersey to be found, though. Chuk and Smart were teammates on the Las Vegas Outlaws. One of the components of the XFL schtick, and that’s what it was, is that players could put whatever they wanted on the back of the jersey. Most of them opted for nicknames. In an interview with SI.com, Smart mentioned Chuckwagon as one he remembered. Smart also said he came up with He Hate Me because he’s extremely competitive and he expected that his opponents would hate him. And so…

I’m not sure it’d ever come up again at all, Clay, but I understand that was important to Steve Little. However, the point is that if it comes up at all, you have to make a decision: deny the recruit the opportunity to wear that number or you “unretire” the number. I don’t like either option, so I’d prefer not to get into the situation. Fortunately, Ark has only two retired numbers so we’re not likely to run out of numbers any time soon. But I can see a problem once you get on the “road to retirement” so to speak. “We retired #5, now it’s time to retire #10…” I’d feel differently if there weren’t plenty of ways to honor someone special without going that route. Can you imagine what would happen if Alabama started retiring numbers?

I might accept an exception if we had a policy of retiring only the numbers of our Heisman Trophy winners. I still think it’s a bad idea.

Of course, we’ll never know (because he didn’t win), but if DMac had WON the Heisman, I think #5 would have been retired and I’d have supported it. But as it is, I agree with most of the others - don’t retire numbers UNLESS it’s a Heisman. I’m in favor of using “special” numbers like 77, 5 and 12 to seniors in “appropriate” positions IF the coaches think there is someone in the senior class worthy of wearing them. That’s the way I’d like to see them used, like Texas used to use (and still does to some extent) 60 for it’s linebackers (honoring Tommy Nobis).

Number 12 was retired twice and 77 was retired after Burlsworth died. I agree that IF D-Mac had won the Heisman, his number should have been retired. But he didn’t and it isn’t.

“I don’t have a problem with not retiring 5, or any other number. Wouldn’t have a problem with unretiring 12 and 77 either. If Burlsworth hadn’t been in that wreck, his number would not have been retired. His performance, while noteworthy for various reasons, was not THAT outstanding; we’ve had a number of offensive linemen who were better players than Brandon.”

I agree with not retiring numbers. I am also in favor of giving important numbers to deserving players. I keep saying over and over again that the number 55 should be given to the best and meanest linebacker. It irritated the fire out of me when they gave it to a kicker.

I’d rather they retire their coach. :wink: