Will home attendence be a factor in decision?

Seems I’ve been seeing on here the down attendence this season.

If AD evaluates program after the season, I wonder if this a factor that is considered.

For all I know bball well in the black and this is not any issue in any way.

The tickets are being sold, just not being used. While that hurts with concession sales, the major bucks are already in the bank. It could be a factor down the stretch though, and certainly into next year if ticket sales fall off drastically. Basketball is a profitable sport at Arkansas, and JL does want to make sure it stays that way.

I continue to think Mike is safe for another year regardless, but I would no longer be very surprised to be wrong on that. And as Dudley has said repeatedly, if we miss the NCAA (which seems likely) the seat will be scorching in 2017-18.

I don’t know about Mike Anderson. I really hate the last two loses. We are still 5th in the SEC behind Florida, South Carolina, and Alabama, three teams directly above up. However, that is reasonable since and our last 3 or 4 recruiting are a little below Florida, Alabama, and South Carolina which should be expected because all three states have larger populations and Fayetteville is not attractive to most young athletes.

On that basis, I don’t see any reason for me to complain. However, it may be that MA, is playing the type basketball that was effective before the NCAA put in the Arkansas rule to stop Nolan from winning as much plus later rules that limits that style of play.

I have to believe MA know basketball enough to adapt to rule changes so we need to keep MA unless somewhere out there we find a young Eddie Sutton, because we cannot hire a great established coach.