Will Hogs opt out of Liberty Bowl?

We are going to be very thin on roster, would it be possible?

No way will Sam make the bowling ball stay home.


I would not think that will happen, CSP is not a quitter and him and the players will be in it to win it !! This will be a tough game but when things get tough you do cut and run, I’m looking forward to seeing what’s been setting on the cupboard shelf. WPS

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I remember last year Sam thanking Penn State for playing when they were short some players. Sam will play .


No way CSP backs out of a bowl game.

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Not in his playbook.

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Yes sir, I remember that now since you posted it, another opportunity to get to practice and evaluate the guys plus get a chance to win a game. WPS

The main thing I’ve seen in past for teams not wanting to play is when they are out of QBs. I don’t see a problem there.

Plus anyone who has paid attention knows Sam is going to play. I am surprised anyone on a Razorback message board does not know this by now after going through Covid year.


I think Arkansas played games in 2020 with significantly fewer players available than the Razorbacks will have at the Liberty Bowl.

LSU in particular, I believe.

Sam is not like Jimbo or Gary Patterson. They are both weasels.


That LSU game it seems like we had everyone on the DL dept chart out except for one. Something like 8 or 9 guys out in that group.

We could have opted out of that one based on the guidelines, but Sam wanted to play. And I remember Ed O saying how much he appreciated the fact that we still played.

Hogs will play and compete in Memphis and be fine.

So you would not be in favor of hiring Patterson as DC?

I am talking that way for opting out of our bowl.


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