Will Hogs be ranked in CFP poll?

Most of the talk about the release of the only poll that really matters concerns the top 4-6. But what about 20-25?

Will the Hogs again have a number before their name tonight?

A great case can be made for the Hogs to be ranked.

Pitt and NC State are arguably the best 2-loss teams with whom we will compete for a spot in the top 25. The other 2-loss teams currently ranked in either poll will almost certainly be ranked tonight in top the 20, except… Fresno State… that loss to Hawaii should place them behind the Hogs in the eyes of the Committee.

No other 3-loss team in consideration to be ranked has a “better” 3 losses. Georgia, Ole Miss, and Auburn will all be ranked top 15-20 tonight. (So will A&M, our best win).

Penn State (currently in top 25 of both less important polls), Wisconsin (also with 3 “good” losses, and wins against Iowa and Purdue), and Mississippi State (also beat A&M, and Kentucky, but their losses certainly are “worse” than ours) are the only other 3-loss teams likely under consideration to be in the initial CFP poll. A case can be made for any of those 3 to be ranked, but I think the Hogs could be considered the “best 3-loss team” by the Committee.

Of course, bigger program goals are in mind, but it’s nice to even be considered in the top 25 discussion in November.

My medium-confidence level prediction is that the Hogs will be ranked in the initial 2021 CFP poll.

My high-confidence level prediction is that the winner this weekend in Fayetteville will be ranked in the 2nd 2021 CFP poll.


The answer is no. Mississippi State is No. 17 this week, so Arkansas will probably in the poll with a win this weekend.

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Yeah, no fair answering after the poll is released. :grin:. (Of course, this is a topic that should have been posted before today).

So, I predict my 2nd prediction (Hogs will be ranked next week) will be correct. (Does this count as a 3rd prediction, which will give me .667 accuracy instead of .500 if I’m right? Either way, there’s a reason I don’t make a living a predicting sporting events)

I saw Dennis Dodd’s “Power Poll” on CBS a couple of hours ago. He had Ole Miss at #14.

What I want to know is how, if they are 14 (and that’s not out of the question), HOW can it be that Arkansas is not rated at all?

Look at the game that they two teams played…WHERE they played, the overall stats in the game (not that total yardage is some big deal; but it indicates the closeness of the game was NOT a fluke…we deserved it every bit as much as they did). Also, look at their recent losses to Auburn…not a lot of difference. Finally, compare their BEST SEC win and their BEST N/C win against ours.

You’re telling me there’s a dozen or more teams between those two teams? I call BS on that.

The truth of the matter is, as much as Pittman is a good story, and fans/journalists truly seem to respect him, they drool all over lil Kiffy for some reason that I’ve never quite figured out. The real answer is there is virtually NO difference in overall strength between Ole Miss and Arkansas - SOMEONE had to lose the game, and on a 2 point play after time had run out seems to be about the most accurate way it could have ended.

Now, Arkansas and Ole Miss are dramatically different in HOW they get there…but at the end of the day, you can’t justify ranking them 12 spots ahead of us at this point in the season, based on actual results. You just can’t.


Agree totally. I’ve said there is minimal, if any, difference between those 2 teams this season. Wouldn’t surprise me for both to finish with the same records after bowl season.

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Three loss Wisconsin is in there and we aren’t. Oh well. Beat Moo U and correct that.


We seem to have lost all of the respect we got after the first 4 weeks. Only one way to fix that…get back to wompin! Nobody is ever gonna give Arkansas anything, like EVER! We gotta take it back like they stole from us, because they did! Start beating A$$ again, and save the receipts! Go Hogs!


Interesting that at least one national writer thought the Hogs should have been ranked in the CFP poll.

We’ve lost 3 straight. We don’t deserve anything at this point. UAPB means nothing. Win the next 2 and we will be back in top 20, maybe 15

Half of your 4 sentences are true…. The first and the last.

These Hogs do deserve something, at this point: including credit for dominating 2 good Texas teams.

And winning always means something, regardless the opponent. Otherwise you wouldn’t start your post with “we’ve lost 3 straight”.

Polls are always influenced by latest results. Wisconsin is 4-0 and Mississippi State is 3-1 in the past month, and both just dominated a highly-ranked team last week.

I would have been surprised if Arkansas was ranked based on recent results. There would be a stronger case for ranking the Razorbacks if they beat Mississippi State.

Pete Fiutak of College Football News was beating the drum this weekend that we should be ranked, and called it a snub Tuesday night that we weren’t. So there is at least some of that sentiment out there.

Again, beat Moo U and fix that.

Win and they will be ranked. Lose and they will not deserve to be. Very simple

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if sagarin sucks then so be it, but his computer is influential and he has MsST as most overranked by his computer compared to poll results. Both of us are in 30’s and taking out all emotions and advantages then MsSt should still beat us slightly this weekend if computer programming is correct. Hudson Clark has had his day in the sun and will be picked on tomorrow with probable success. LB drops and pursuit to the balll which Roman Harper raved about and slobbered over has to come back. I believe in Coach Odom if our guys can play to their ability. No one says much much, but Ridgeway is self promoting with gestures on field more than he is now accomplishing. Regroup, recover and re-establish. Looking forward to making Leach say some really crazy things even for him.

from the Athletic

" Stewart Mandel said No. 17 Mississippi State “may be the most overrated team in the history of this poll” because Jeff Sagarin’s formula ranks the Bulldogs 32nd. Using that barometer, Mike Leach’s team isn’t even the most overrated MSU. That would be Michigan State because Sagarin has the Spartans at No. 24, some 21 spots lower than the CFP committee. "

Oh great like I needed another reason to worry about a 38 point blow out… Most overrated team in history?? Come on. What about Notre Dame every week. I mean we can argue if Arkansas deserves to be ranked but miss st definitely does. Santos ain’t coming back in the lineup and we got a defense trending toward the air raid cellar :chart_with_downwards_trend: :rotating_light::rotating_light:
We better score 50

Santos won’t come back. Neither will Catalon. I had to think about it for a minute. I get names wrong all the time.

Santos Ramirez was a good interview. One of my favorites. But it’s best if he stays retired.

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