Will he bring serious recruiting plans and assistants

As we all know we have to improve pipeline.

Hopeful he brings toughness as well as we see successful teams like a Michigan State and Tech and Virginia emphasizing serious D toughness.

But will take major plans for recruiting.

Seems it was said this was HY’s main concern with Mike together with his teams appearing soft (I don’t have attribution on his saying we were soft just seems I saw that characterization here somewhere)

I suspect the remainder of the 2019 class will be transfers; Muss knows how to get them, he doesn’t know the people we were recruiting (and they don’t know him). If they retain Scottie, that may help, but early in his UA tenure I expect more of a transfer focus; that portal is gonna get a workout at BWA. Getting people with a chip on their shoulder because their first school didn’t work out is not all bad.

What does it mean when you say “he knows how to get them”?

No, I’m not implying he cheats. His Nevada roster included transfers from all over the country – NC State, Old Dominion, Wagner, Southern Illinois. He was able to sell these guys on starting over in Reno, Nevada, and buying in to his personality, his program and his style of play.

He made it to the Sweet 16 in 2017-2018 by acquiring players, however he did it.

The Wolf Pack was my underrated choice to win it all this year because of his acquiring said talent so qucikly.

I believe it would be beneficial for him to have Scotty as one assistant.

His current assistants are young. He will now have more $$$ to improve that staff if he would like.

I posted this a couple of days ago. Other than being a great player for us,is Scotty known to be great recruiter? I sure hope we didn’t make it a part of the deal that he had to kept. A coach should get to chose his assistants and other staff. If he retains Scotty or Melvin great but it needs to his choice not part of the deal

I like Scotty but I hope he chooses to keep him and not pushed into it. I think he is deserving and up and comer. Time will tell. Melvin, not so much

We will see who he brings as recruiters, I’m certainly not opposed to Scotty being one. But going by his style of play, there will be shooters coming at all positions, I would assume.

I will be interesting to see his first couple of classes.

There should be plenty of solid players in the transfer portal, I am sure he will grab some.

I think there’s reason to be optimistic about next year depending on if he can land some solid transfers.

While I hope EM - if he is hired - he keeps Scotty on simply because I like him and have a good relationship with him, I don’t like at all ADs dictating who is going to be on a staff - whether the guy has been here eight years or he is new.