Will Gragg update...

As many know, Will’s mom Tenita, my wife Petra and I have been life long friends while growing up in and around Newport.

She texted to let me know Will will be starting at tight end for Pittsburgh this Saturday against Albany.

Too bad it didn’t work out for him here, but that’s how things go sometimes.

I think Ricky Towns will be the backup QB and may play some.

Thanks Dudley. I’m so happy for Will and his family.

Hope he shines.

I first thought you were joking, but it is true.

Here’s to him enjoying huge success, he’s a great young man that believed in the Hogs. The talent is there, but I don’t think he had a fair shake when he was here.

Yes it’s true. The Steel City is now Ricky Town. At some point this season those two will hook up for a TD.

Great news. Thanks for bringing this to the board Dudley.