Will Gragg confirms he is transferring...

Just talked to him for a bit. He’s actually in class.

“Yes, I’ve decided its time to transfer,” Gragg said. “I think it’s what is best.”

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2018 … -arkansas/


one of those that is hard to figure out had about 40 offers and never played at all…very unusual!

Maybe that tells you that “offers” and “ratings” aren’t always correct??

Well two staffs did not see it, though I recall he made a catch or two in games that showed some promise.

We really are deep at TE this year, but I suspect this means we do probably try to recruit at least one TE for the 19 class.

Uh, yeah, some guy from the LR area…

Completely forgot about maybe the best TE in the country over at PA.

But… even if they don’t get him, I do expect that a TE will be signed.

Disappointing but understandable

Very impressed with how he’s going about it. Graduated in 3 years to give him an opportunity somewhere else. And didn’t disparage anybody in his comments on the way out. Best of luck to the young man in his future endeavors, whether it be on the field, in work, or with family.

Very classy exit as I would expect from a young man from such a fine family. All the best to Will at his next school and beyond.

Well said, Hogin58…

Gragg was a 4 Star TE recruit and the #7 TE in the National Recruiting Class, he won’t have any problem finding a new home especially since he has proven himself in the classroom by graduating in three years.
I wouldn’t be surprised if he winds up at another SEC school in the SEC West to get his revenge!

He should have had his “revenge” in practice and on the playing field.

Good for Gragg getting his degree and not burning bridges as most do… as stated, he and his family are class acts and I wish him well wherever he goes.

Best wishes for him… I wish things would have worked out better for him. I kept expecting to hear that he had broken through the log jam, but it never happened.