Will Gragg and JeMario Bell

Will either ever play for the Razorbacks?

It’s Jamario. And, so far it doesn’t look like they have done anything to cause a stir.

Agree with Clay. This spring will be important.

I hope that O’Grady has matured enough to see how to put in the work where he will get the chance to get on the field! I have hope that he will shine

In my 60+ years as a Razorback football fan there has hardly been a year that depth was not an issue with the team. Not always but mostly so, and certainly recently.

There are exceptions from time to time, Drew Morgan being the most recent, but mostly if non-OL players have not contributed by the end of their soph year, and certainly their Jr year, it may not happen for them.

I wonder how a highly talented player could fail at Arkansas. But, then again, attitude and desire count probably as much as talent.

I think you could add Merrick to that list also.

Hopefully these guys have potential and not hype… Huge difference…

Merrick seemed to be making a move middle of last year. He’s got the frame and the athletic ability. He got a look at guard and tackle. Here’s the deal with a lot of those offensive linemen who have been here two years, there are good looking freshmen here now. That’s going to give those youngsters a chance to slip in the depth chart. Competition is a good thing.

Will Bell ever move back to the dline or outside linebacker

No one has really coveted Bell among the coaches. I wonder if Jake Scott or Chad Walker will ask for him. I don’t know that Jamario has asked to play one of those defensive positions. Perhaps he likes tight end better. His ability is suited for either spot.

I wonder if Mike Anderson covets him? Or at least thinks he could help a little.The fooseball just might be his sport.

I have not heard anyone mention Bell switching to basketball. Interesting thought. But is he worth a basketball scholarship? If he left football, I doubt Bielema would keep him on scholarship. Hence, there’s an issue there as far as what to do because basketball gets only 13 and it appears they are all gone.

Does he have potential as a kick blocker? Could he possibly fill the role left by Skipper? I know he’s probably 4 or 5 inches shorter than Big Dan, but he’s probably much more athletic.