Will Drew Morgan get to the NFL

as a draftee, signed as a free agent or not at all?

I know he has the grit and is a good route runner but he’s short and not really a burner by NFL standards for a WR.

Morgan caught seven passes yesterday against defensive backs high on the draft board. I’d think he’s going to at least get a shot to come to camp. I’d draft him, but the NFL proves me wrong a lot.

I am going to do some racial stereotyping here. He looks just like many of the lighter skinned Patriots WRs that have played well over the years in Welker and Amendola. I won’t say Edelman because he is a legitimate burner.

Really reminds of Welker - catches everything, runs great routes and very elusive in space. I will be surprised if he does not make a NFL roster. If given the chance I think he would be a good punt returner too.

He proved it on the field against future NFL DBs yesterday. His measurables and 40 times will never be elite. But his route running, grit, and heart are elite. He may be not be drafted. But there is a place for him in the NFL. Think Wes Welker or Cole Beasley. That’s Drew Morgan.

Morgan is a lot faster than he’s credited for being–because he’s white. The guy can go. My guess is he will be an undrafted free agent and will make a team somewhere because seeing him everyday for awhile a lucky staff will see what we see–a talented, tough as nails guy who makes plays.

The guy is a player. Simple as that. He may get a late round draft choice. His size will not be liked, but there are a few GMs that recognise that grit and play making ability. He was just great yesterday and that catch over the middle for a first down was very special. You have to have those type on your team. Wes Welker was mentioned. He could perhaps be one of those. I would take him on my team. Bet he at least gets a look.

That’s why I think he will be drafted. He is fearless, he wants the ball, he’ll make the catch, and he wants to win. Most important maybe is his love for the game. He wants it.

Drew Morgan knows how to make plays. I’m amazed at how he seems to have a plan in his head when he catches the ball. He makes some moves that usually result in big yards after the catch. He makes a spin move that always messes up the defender.

I think he will play in the NFL.

Don’t know if Morgan will get drafted. But I am absolutely certain he will play in the NFL. Either catch on as a slot receiver or on special teams. As Coach Nutt once said of DMac, “he’s a football player.”