Will CBB ever recruit well enough for us to rise........

…above mediocre in the SEC West? He seems to end up with better players than he recruits, so that is a positive. He invests a lot in player development, recruiting players that will buy into the off-season program, and he has a system that, when its working, doesn’t have to have the greatest recruits to be successful. He compensates for weak recruiting with a strong walk-on program and walk-ons don’t have to turn out to be super talented to succeed in his system, but it might work even better if they were.

Hayden Henry seems like the ideal “project” for Herbert and Bielema. Character off the charts, smart, has a good frame that might add 20 lbs without losing, maybe even gaining speed. He looks like the kind of recruits CBB had in abundance at Wisconsin and which he does not seem to have as many of at Arkansas. Proclaimed team leaders Morgan and Sprinkle revealing character flaws in the bowl game brings into question the overall team character in the program. He has only had one J.J. Watt in his coaching career. There may be some walk-on fruit finally arriving in the offensive line next year. Having the walk-on program finally start to produce SEC caliber players would go a long way towards compensating for weak recruiting.

I don’t think he has to match LSU and Bama in 4/5 stars to succeed, but I think he needs to be in the middle of the pack in SEC West recruiting and he has languished near the bottom for five years. Next year’s class has started with two 4-stars and they sound like strong recruiters. Maybe there is hope on the horizon.

Certainly weak recruiting is a great way to describe a program that is beating 80%+ of the teams in the country, and would finish in the top half of any other conference every year. His record in recruiting is head and shoulders above anybody here since Danny Ford!

I believe 2018 will be a very good class.
It’s started off well with 2-4 star recruits, and there are several highly rated kids that have high interest in AR.

2019 could be even better.

I know, I know, it’s the next year crap, but if you follow recruiting very much you will see there is a really good shot at landing several 4, and some possible 5 star players.

Out recruiting Danny Ford is not good enough in our present situation. Out recruiting Mullen, Sumlin, Freeze, and Malzahn might be. We just haven’t reached that point yet.


Out recruiting Danny Ford is not good enough in our present situation. Out recruiting Mullen, Sumlin, Freeze, and Malzahn might be. We just haven’t reached that point yet.

Out recruiting TX A&M or Auburn with their history, is probably not going to happen, at least on a regular basis. However, I don’t believe we have to out recruit them to win our share with their 2 current coaches. I concur that we need to out recruit OM and MS St and I believe we will.

“Out recruit” can hold multiple meanings. As reviews have shown, looking at recruiting classes 4 years after the fact frequently show on-field results and average stars may not match.

I’ve read several articles that compare recruiting success and the on field results. There is no question, the teams that consistently have top 10 recruiting classes are the ones in the hunt for the championships. But, there are a few coaches that have a history of overachieving, and CBB is one of them.

Unless something changes, that is what needs to happen. I’m not sure if any coach could come to Arkansas, or anywhere else, and suddenly turn them into a national contender. Saban and Meyer are at two schools that have great tradition and makes it easy. Plus, they are good coaches and proven winners.

I want the Hogs to be completive every season and occasionally win a championship, even if it just the SEC.

Said tongue-in-cheek… sort of :wink: Maybe the answer is for Hog fans to build up the high school football programs in Little Rock and Pine Bluff. Invest in the best coaches. Generate a greater interest in football with the youth.

Point is, Bielema’s recruiting is exceptional, when you consider that Arkansas doesn’t produce the numbers, our last NC was in 1964, and the Hogs are rarely ranked in the top-10.

In the SEC you need your asst. Coaches to be able to have the gift of gab with 16-17 yr old kid’s. Not just 1 great one H.S. recruiter in (Smith/Louisiana) + the Excellent (Mitchell/JUCO) recruiter.

The Razorbacks are in desperate need of another Patridge & Pittman RECRUITING type pair (not debating bringing them back) to gather not just interest but sign those Under Armour & US Army All American players.

ARKANSAS is already at a major recruiting disadvantage you have to upgrade coaches who’s reputation/resumes include convincing young men in Florida, Texas & Louisiana that not just our facilities are elite but the opportunity at a SEC title is attainable.

We are a 7-5 season from starting all over again what exactly do you have to lose…

I guess that is left to be determined, but no coach in the history of Arkansas football has recruited Top 10 classes and none have been able to consistently recruit Top 15 one either.

History has shown Arkansas to be an 18-30 recruiting norm


Sunday the Oklahoma paper listed their top 30 football recruits in the state and where they would be playing football. Of the 30 kids 29 of them will sign tomorrow with a Division I school. 3 of them with the Razorbacks. Oh and the 30th young man is going to play Division I-AA. All 30 football scholarships.

in ARkansas our top 30 players only the first 10-12 are signing Division I or I-AA. Some are not even gonna play Division II.

When our state can produce kids from LR and Pine Bluff (2-4) kids a year (and they are there walking the halls at Parkview or the streets near Hall) recruiting will be easier.

Very true.

Dudley, if we bring our recruiting in Texas up to historical standards and add that to our current success in Louisiana, Florida, and Oklahoma which is better now than in the past in those states, would that not put us in a higher bracket? Texas is down, Baylor is down, we beat TCU, and only the losing streak against A&M hurts us. Can we and should we do better recruiting in Texas?