Will Calloway be back

Mystery player. Been reported he is still in school. Left team for personal matter. Got beat a couple of times deep (what corner doesn’t) and was moved to nickel. Probably not a happy camper. Eligible for redshirt this past year. Made some plays the games he played. 4 star recruit from Texas.

So is he coming back to us? Transferring? Personal matter resolved?

Those questions are more likely to be answered at Coach Morris’ next press conference, which has not been scheduled yet, but I am sure will be when they get back off the road recruituing.

Morris will have a press conference Thursday morning. It will be asked then.

i don’t know why but for some strange reason I think he may be back…just a gut feeling.

Ok. Thx everyone

Hearing things are pointing towards his return.

Glad to hear it kid has a lot of talent,just has to get his head on straight.

For some reason I thought that his absence was related to a religious calling, perhaps to become a preacher. Without prying into the young man’s personal life too much, anyone know if that was the case?

That’s what I remember but I wasn’t sure. Almost mentioned this more than once.
As I recall he was done with football.

I hope the young man stays in school and gets his degree. That’s the most important thing for his future. If playing football helps him attain a degree then he needs to be focused on putting in the work and the effort.

Bet Morris addresses it at his PC at 9. I think you’ll see Chevin back.

Well Morris obviously didn’t get the memo. Still expect it to happen at some point.

Point blank, Morris said he’s not with the team. If it was going to happen, I’d think it would by now.