Will Burks be healthy by Camp next yr?

9-12 month is the normal time for his type injury,He’s our top WR recruit IMO and we need him to be 100% ready,just would like to know what is being told about that.

It’s all gonna depend on the rehab, which is just getting started. Rehab would probably go faster if he were on campus, or lived in Little Rock, so there’s that consideration. I see there is a physical therapist in Warren, which surprises me a little for the size of town, but the expertise on ACL rehab may or may not be there.

Can’t our medical and training staff offer some assistance as far as what exercises to do etc? I know he’s not signed yet but surely they can video or fax proper rehab training steps and technique to use.

I’m sure they probably can, but a good therapist will kick his butt and make him do the work. They can’t do that from 275 miles away.

There is some thought that he might be up here sooner and thus be able to go through the rehab here, but still checking on that.

Even if he is cleared to participate in the fall I think it’s best to redshirt him & let him get 100% healed & confident in making cuts on the leg. Maybe get some action later in the year for 4 games.

If he is cleared to play, he should so so in my opinion.

He would be healthy if cleared…and he’s that good.

Couldn’t agree more. If he’s completely cleared by the Dr, we would be foolish to not let him play. We’re probably going to lose him to the NFL draft after 3 years. It would be a shame to waste one of those 3 years on a red-shirt.

we will need every bit of electricity we got to light up this program again.These new recruits need to be prepared to Start and not just play.

My opinion based on recent skill players we have now who had major knee surgeries & cleared to play, (even after longer rehab) but it’s obvious they haven’t regained that illusiveness & speed back yet.
But yea if he is that much better than the rest of the WR’s in the class, he will barely get cleared prior to fall camp, nowhere near football shape & without summer practice in the offense with the QB’s.
Unless he is a mid term guy, not sure how much involvement our medical staff will have early in the rehab process.
Hopefully he can be productive next fall and not Waste time.
I just thought there were an abundance of quality WR’s in that class & somebody will need to red shirt.

Based on what I have seen through the years here and elsewhere i 100% agree 1 year should be the minimum for a skill player. Think Childs, and Monk, they didn’t even begin to look close to their former ability until the season was almost over.

Being cleared to play & being back to full speed are 2 entirely different things. As we all know getting involved in this offense you need to be full speed on the field & know the playbook & schemes. That’s asking a lot of a HS kid rehabbing a knee injury for next fall.

As long as the Dr’s cleared him, even at 90%, he will probably be better than the WRs we have now and coming in. You just bring him along a little slower in fall practice and the first couple of games if necessary. IMO, If cleared, a “red shirt” should never enter CCM’s mind, and probably won’t.

Nobody knows what will be in the coaches mind until season starts & the players hit the field. 100% healthy or not. Plus how fast they grasp this offense which is what has kept most off the field in the first place. Especially if their not here in the spring.
I honestly hope he can manage all of that & be productive &/or great in his freshman year considering everything.

His State Championship game last fall was the most dominate performance of a football player I have ever seen. He was the best player at wide receiver, wildcat, and running back on offense. Defensively, he was the best linebacker, safety and rush end. He also excelled on both kickoff and punt returns. He has the talent to be a first team all SEC player on offense or defense. And most importantly, he is a great, really special young man.

It is important that his rehab is complete before he practices and starts playing in games. His talent demands that he be 100% before he plays. Likewise, as soon as he is cleared, we need him playing. It’s great to have a athlete that has speed, size, strength, and great hands. He is the ticket to “ hammer down full tilt boogie”.

I know that we have some more highly rated recruits. I have not seen them play, but we need a team full of great young talent to be in the upper tier of SEC football. I am excited about the future. WPS

currently the criteria is 90% equal strength to non-injured leg, but that is tough on WR because the first 3 steps are what get you separation and rarely does that come back before 18-24 months. 8 months should be his recovery time to “normal” functiion. That is not elite athletic function. Inflammatory response may hinder you once you start training again. If you are real high tech then you look at bone morphology especially slope of tibia and repair anticipating future anatomy after the surgery. For those interested there are tons of published reports on knee kinematics after ACL repair and the authors opinion as to how that predicts return to playing. 8 months for Burks will get him on the field, more than a year to get back to elite is a reasonable expectation. The biggest hurdle usually relates to psyche. I have worked with 2 James Andrews trained fellows and one is the Titans orthopod, he hates to discuss timelines because to the expectation created. Too many variables to know for each individual case.