Will BOT rival John White?

I have no idea what is true or false, but the past 2 days has a BOT “meddling” tone. I sure hope they do not enter the all JOHN White set athletic department back 20 years hall of fame. Trust the AD. I’m trying to kick back and observe.

Huge mistake trying to wait on Beard.

Who said we were?

As far as I can tell… no one knows anything.

Maybe HY is just doing his due diligence.

Nah, BOT is not trying to intentionally destroy the athletic program like White. They are trying to hit a homerun though probably misguided! ghg

You mean like they did with the FB coaching search with Gus? How’d that turn out? I think everyone, including the reporters most of y’all are listening to, needs to quit listening to Hogville and wait until Dudley or Clay speak.

Trust me, I even said this on the old Scout board, at one time the reporters would read our conversations over there and then write a story “quoting sources” and it would be word for word what we were writing. However, apparently the reporters have moved from the old Scout Board to Hogville, because what’s being said right now is appearing verbatim on Hogville first.

It’s a shame we have so many “reporters” that don’t know how to be journalists.

Article today suggests we are waiting on Beard.

That puts us into mid next week at earliest.

TX money is big and you know they are interested in keeping first ever final four coach and as we sit now, potential national champion.

Forget what you think about Lubbock. Tech money is in industry all over this state which is 8th largest economy in the world. World.

They will meet any money we propose unless we go higher than anyone in NCAA imo.

Beard is already legend there and their Nolan or soon would be and he’s hottest commodity in D1 ball.

I have no problem with swinging for the fences.

I like it actually.

Will we offer him 8 or higher who knows.

But we better be ready to move quickly on our other guys when this doesn’t pan out and by most logic it’s hard to imagine.

Puzzled. My only point was John White sucked more than the BOT ever could. If you don’t realize that, I can’t help you! Personally, I put no value in Hogville. ghg