Will be the worst loss in program history

Guess the national ranking has gone to their heads. Getting a$$es handed to them right now

You must not remember The Citadel.


Or the Shock in the Rock (ULM)

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I really think they are better than most thought.

That may be true, but we should still beat them by 3 TDs. TOs and poor tackling have sealed our doom.

Guess it was not the worst loss…


Even if we had lost, I still think Chud’s thumping at the hands and feet of Ty ’ Cindarella ’ Storey and Western KY was the worst.


This thread has not aged well. This was always gonna be a tough game, but we won. Move on.


Must remember we played a team that is in the normal WOW moment for a typical BP team the first 2-3 years. A team that hadn’t been in the FCS play offs since 1990. Now has been there twice under BP. May win it all this year.
We sucked it up late when we had to, leaders on both sides of the ball took charge - WE WON. WPS!!!

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I still remember north texas, and that embarrassing punt return they had against us.

Chad probably owns 4 of our top 5 worst losses in razorback lore…western Kentucy because of the severe butt whopping, followed closely by north texas, San Jose State obviously, and I thought the road loss at colorado state was full of really bad coaching decisions, up by 2 touchdowns with a good rushing offense and they panic and play call themselves into a loss.


Citadel obviously comes to mind as the worst (ULM was down there too), but I also remember Tulsa 1971. We were ranked 7th, expected to do so much that season with Joe Ferguson at QB, had a 20-0 lead in the fourth quarter, and blew it.


That’s why I said ULM. A lot may have forgotten, but we were #8. Playing in LR, where we didn’t lose, and people like Herbstreit were calling us a dark horse for a NC. That loss was horrible, but remember we also lost Gameday. It was supposed to be the following week, a showdown between two Top 10 teams.

I rank it the worst, because with the Citadel, we weren’t exactly coming off a Top 5 finish with most of the starters returning.

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OP is a bandwagon fan, gotta love them, lol.

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