Will be interesting to see what new concession options they have in the NEZ

Hope the first game this year is a better concession experience that Game #1 was last season.

The NEZ loge boxes and club seats are food-included with your ticket, although you can still purchase adult beverages. Suites are still cater your own, I guess.

By the way, I also noticed on the same page that the field level loges are located 16 to 30 feet from the field. So I guess that answers the question of how far it is to those corners we were discussing last week.

Speaking of the NEZ, it appears all the chairback seats are installed. At least I think they are. However, I notice a strange column that looks to be an empty area that runs up the middle of the second section from the right on the lower level. It appears there are no chairs there. At least that’s what I think it shows. It doesn’t show any concrete. Perhaps looks like chairs are installed but the chairbacks are turned down. Is it an aisle that’s intentionally left open?

I don’t think it’s wide enough to be an aisle, or a column of chairs either. Appears to me to be just making the rows fit. It’s also possible there is a railing or divider there although I’m not sure why a divider would be needed.

One would think it’d be identical to the corresponding section on the west end of the arc. Regardless, maybe we’ll find out in the next few days. If there are missing chairs, they’ll install them soon enough. If not, I guess we can go look at it on game day & see what it’s about.

The split in the section being talked about is where the metal skeleton of the frame had it’s divide. You can look back to last year at this time and see construction photos and they had a noticeable variation to the framework of the steel. They were already preparing for where the extra level of suites would stop, and went about building as almost 2 separated structures. The decking was done entirely differently on the part that was only going to have the open area vs what would have 3 additional levels. I have been wondering how they would blend that in when the seats were installed. It’s been treated as 2 separate structures pretty much the whole time. Look at past month photos and you’ll see it being prepared that way. Now that the seats are in, it’s almost like they’re concerned one of the stuctures may settle slightly, and they made an allowance for that to avoid cracking. That split of seats in the lower section just keeps on the same way to the next level and then where the suite building ends.

That’s a very plausible explanation.

Getting back to the OP I believe there will be kind of a buffet for those fans.

What will really be interesting is whether the concessions elsewhere in the stadium have improved from last year. Remember that early in the year (when there were bigger crowds) the concessions were unable to handle the rush in the heat.

Agree Marty. At the TCU game last year my wife headed down early in the 2nd quarter for water. She was still in line at halftime. I found her at halftime and stood in line for a while until they gave us warm water. A bad day all around. My grandson’s youth baseball games have better/quicker concessions.

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – Razorback Athletics and Levy have teamed up with two local favorites to bring fans visiting Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium this fall some tasty new offerings. Slim Chickens and Dickey’s Barbecue Pit will be on hand to serve up fresh, fried chicken and slow and low barbecue to all Razorbacks fans as part of our growing food and beverage offerings at Razorback home football games.

“When Razorback fans come to Call the Hogs this fall, they will have two brand new food options to help feed their passion,” Senior Associate Athletics Director for Event Management and Guest Experience Chris Pohl said. “With the addition of Slim Chickens and Dickey’s, we have added the popular tastes of two local restaurants to supplement the many food and beverage offerings we have at Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium. Fans can come early and enjoy the variety of options provided by Levy and our other local partners.”

Football and fried chicken make for a perfect game day match! Slim Chickens, a Fayetteville favorite, will dish up their famous homestyle, hand-breaded tenders and freshly made sauces on game days in their two new concessions stands located in the north and south main concourses.

“We’re extremely excited about being in Razorback Stadium!” Co-founder of Slim Chickens Tom Gordon said. “We’ve had a long relationship with the University of Arkansas and couldn’t be prouder to have been selected to offer Slim Chickens to fans during the home games this year. This is the perfect way to introduce our brand to even more people from all over the state and beyond. We’re going to keep the menu simple and offer our signature 100% all-natural fresh chicken tenders, hand breaded and served hot. Of course, we’ll have fries and drinks to complete the Slim Chickens experience.”

Greg Smart, co- founder of Slim Chickens echoed the enthusiasm. “We’ve grown our brand to over 75 locations with another 200+ on the way but being in Razorback Stadium in our home town is one of our proudest moments. I can’t wait to be at the first game, have some Slim Chickens tenders and cheer on the Hogs!”

Barbecue enthusiasts can look forward to sinking their teeth into tender, mouthwatering smoked meats from Dickey’s BBQ. Located in the south end zone on the main concourse and the east and west middle concourses, fans will not want to miss fork-tender smoked pork piled high atop nachos or sandwiched between a pillowy soft bun.

“We are super excited for the opportunity to bring Dickey’s Barbecue Pit to Reynolds Razorback Stadium,” Dickey’s Barbecue Pit owner and operator Mike Stennett said. “We are passionate about the art of barbecue and now Razorback fans we are bringing the cue to you! With our classic pulled pork sandwich on a brioche bun, and a fan favorite barbecue nachos topped with pulled pork. We look forward to making this an even better experience for the fans.”

Thanks for that update, Richard. A couple of questions/comments:

With Slim Chickens coming aboard, does that mean AQ is out? Would seem odd to have two chicken vendors in one stadium venue.

Also, very disappointed in the selection of Dickey’s. I love good BBQ, and there are many providers I enjoy. But Dickey’s, to me, is about as mediocre as BBQ can get. Living in DFW, I’ve known about and sampled Dickey’s at various locations many times over the last 40+ years, but probably not at all in at least a decade, as I avoid it like the plague. Most dry, tasteless BBQ around (Spring Creek, another franchise, is a close second; but at least they have those little bread loaves I like :wink: ).

If they were going to bring in BBQ, why not Corky’s?

Well, since they don’t have a location in Fayetteville, it would probably be hard to pull off logistically. Truthfully, if they wanted the best BBQ in NWA, they’d pick Wright’s. I doubt they could handle the volume, though.

Wasn’t aware of that. I rarely eat anything at the games, just grab a bottle of water. My boys like the porterhouse at Doe’s, with an order of tamales.

There is not an AQ stand in the stadium anymore. And I second your sentiments about Dickey’s. I tried it once and made the mistake of trying it again.

You know good BBQ. Wright’s is awesome, but I think you are correct that it could not handle more business. It routinely runs out of items because the demand already is so high.

There used to be a Corky’s in Fort Smith many years ago on the corner of Rogers and Massard, but I don’t remember if there was one in Fayetteville. I would love for that to change; the original is my favorite spot to eat in Memphis.