Will be cheering the Hogs in Piscataway

I was reading the posts of others trying to figure out how I was going to get BTN+ for the soccer game, then it dawned on me that I live two hours from Piscataway and could attend in person, which I will do gladly. I will yell loudly on behalf of everyone on the board. Here is Rutgers Athletic Dept.'s announcement of the game:

No. 5 Women’s Soccer Set for NCAA Quarterfinals Friday versus No. 7 Arkansas - Rutgers University Athletics (scarletknights.com)


you can claim credit for will power and us winning if we do and just being a great supporter who put your money where your keyboard could be if they lose. Great decision, these kids/women are a great Arkansas team who are talented and fun to watch.

We attended the Hogs vs. Rutgers football game up there several years ago. The Rutgers fans were really terrific. They treated us warmly and respectfully. Before the game and after.

Go Hogs.

According to Top Soccer, this a match of the current national #2 vs national #3.

and the midfield battle between Podjoli and Tagliaferri is a match of the two best in their respective conferences and each was expected to be nationall prominent and lived up to their hype.

dam windy could screw things up or make it a game changer on a turn of the weather

Fortunately, the foul weather will lift before the game tonight.

I had the good fortune of attending the UA/Rutgers football game too. There were lots of Hog fans there. The Rutgers folks were surprised by the turnout.

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Enjoy. I’ve seen them play many times this year. They go all out with big time passion.

There are Hog fans everywhere, a sad byproduct of the fact it’s hard to make a living in Arkansas in many fields (including mine).

Just got back from Piscataway. Was breezy and very cold but definitely worth the drive and the game experience. Two top-flight teams faced off. To my untrained eye, Rutgers looked to be the technically superior of the two teams - although just a little better in the aggregate. Amirah Ali was a physical specimen who was better than any other player on the field of either team. She had her way with anyone on the Hog’s D-line who tried to guard her. She belongs in a higher league than NCAA D1. I talked to some very soccer-knowledgeable Rutgers fans behind me about what they thought about the Ladyback team. They were very complimentary and said the Hogs definitely belonged there. They said the Hogs were a running team that would start fast but tire out gradually as the game progressed in time, and that was when Rutgers would prevail. They were partly right I suppose. Rutgers beat Alabama in Piscataway the same way - on overtime kicks.

Aloha Jeff,
Very true amigo. Spot on. Again.
UA…Campus of Champions

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