Will Be 4-5 Years Before Ole Miss Recovers

From this Hugh Freeze mess, in my opinion.

  1. They had a poor recruiting class this year, with reduced numbers coming in The next year or two. This is going to set them back with quality recruits because of the bowl ban, with further implications to come with the final NCAA sanctions.
  2. I think they’ll have some difficulty finding a top end head coach this year. Who wants to take over a FB program that is going to be on probation for a few years, bowl bans, reduced scholarships, etc? I guess the money will do the talking here, but Ole Miss may have to offer a longer guaranteed contract to get a good coach to come to Oxford, maybe over 5 years?
  3. How much donor apathy will the program see with all this mess? Most Ole Miss fans I know were in denial, but there’s no denying the reality of what they’re facing for the next few years.
    We lost 2 years when Petrino crashed into the ditch before we became competitive again, during CBB’s 2nd year. Ole Miss is headed back to the SEC cellar, IMO.

We still don’t know the penalties. It could be really big penalties. They did not fire him for recruiting mess. It was for personal conduct. NCAA will be aware of the difference.

We don’t know everything involved in the firing. We know that they have said it was related to his personal conduct.

They have been very quick to point out that the escort calls weren’t related to recruiting. But, I’m not sure why everyone is so quick to take their word for it.

They’re liars with everything to lose.

I think the ability to make a “home run hire” has been greatly diminished by the upcoming sanctions, but how diminished will depend upon a couple of things still not known: the available jobs after the season ends and the penalties themselves. Obviously, if there are high-profile positions open, they will attract the best candidates, but never underestimate some coaches’ desire to be in the SEC.

Les miles will gladly take the job

I am hoping they will be irrelevant for the rest of my life. I’m 59 and in excellent health.

We’re competitive? How do you get that or do you mean with the middle echelon of the SEC.

The issue will be if the personal conduct spilled over into recruiting young men under the age of 18. That has not been determined.

They bought some relevance that has now evaporated in spite of the cash. Ole Miss fans are having a very hard time with Freeze’s personal drama, but most of them know the NCAA related cheating is “somewhat” valid. The rub here is that many of them think they are being targeted by Misstake and Bama, so they think a lot of this is blown out of proportion. OM fans are already talking about revenge against Misstake and Bama. I seriously doubt they can find enough dirt on Bama to overcome the influence they have at the SEC HQ in Birmingham. I do see OM finding dirt on Misstake and nobody is going to protect Misstake. It sure wouldn’t bother me if they shine a light on Howland and Misstake Basketball recruiting.

It’s going to take a long time for OM to recover. Not only will they have a John L situation this season, the NCAA investigation makes theirs worse than we had following the motorcycle crash. Add to the fact that OM doesn’t have the assets someone like Ohio St or So. Cal have to bounce back. They’ll be down a long time.

Three straight bowl games out of the toughest division in college FB makes our teams competitive in my definition. Notice I didn’t use elite or dominant, but I do think we’ve been competitive. Beating LSU two years in a row, Tennessee at Neyland, Florida last year are examples of us being competitive. Just my very humble opinion.

I think you’re right. We’ve been competitive. Haven’t won enough, but we’ve been competitive overall. The Auburn game last year is a glaring exception, but other than Alabama, every team in the SEC has had some lopsided losses over the last few years.

I have seen independent media confirmation that Bucky was dialing up his hoes on his road trips. No evidence whatsoever that recruiting involved. He was cheating, all right, but it wasn’t NCAA rules he was breaking.

How do you know that? How could the media possibly know that at this point? They’re still FOIAing prior years of his records.

I just find it bizarre that everyone is so quick to accept OM’s assertion that the calls weren’t recruiting related when they’re accused of providing other improper “benefits” and lying for years.

The guy was making $5 million a year and could presumably find mistresses without having to pay them. There are already rumors that he had college-aged girlfriends in Oxford but we are just accepting that the escort calls were for him because he and the school say so? Y’all go ahead with that. I’m not convinced–at least not, yet.

There is a lot of smoke in Memphis about him messing around while he was at Briarcrest. There is a lot of smoke in Memphis about the escorts being part of a Louisville 2.0 recruiting strategy and that Bucky is taking a fall to protect the program and back channel payoff. The escort calls were routed to other areas of the country and the one disclosed to media was to Florida. It could be that Bucky wanted to play slap and tickle on the road OR have a girl visit a recruit way off campus…way off the radar. It is a head scratcher that everyone has accepted the AD’s story that this is all personal conduct. This is the same AD that said there is nothing to all of this multiple times.

I’ve said before that we haven’t seen the full story and we may never see all of it. However, this tale is to juicy for some aggressive reporters not to delve further. I’m sure there are reporters now trying to find an escort who will talk. More to come.

Ole Miss will be down a few years and go back to cheating… that addiction is hard to kick. Bucky’s addiction is also hard to kick, especially with all this new found time on his hands.

Ole Miss just got tired of being one of the worst teams in the SEC. They have been bad since Archie graduated in the 60’s. They were decent when David Cutliffe and Eli were there, but that is it. They just threw caution to the winds and decided to win at all costs. They couldn’t quite pull off a Western Division crown, thanks to Hunter Henry. So now where are they? They are facing at least 10 years of being bad due to the scholarship losses. See Southern Cal…they lost 30 scholarships and have not been good for 10 years. Ole Miss will lose at least 30 and possibly more.

Academic fraud, paying players, hookers and no telling what else is lurking out there. The NCAA is probably going to give them a 3rd NOA. They should be pretty good this year with Shea Patterson, a great young quarterback, but after this year it is going to get really ugly for that arrogant bunch of blowhards.

They blew their chances to be a decent to good team (built the right way) when they got rid of Cutcliffe for O. Coach O learned a lot from that experience, but he destroyed what had been built.

I am skeptical of the Mississippi administration’s story and expect that we haven’t yet heard the end of this one.