Will Baker update

As noted in Vegas updates, Thurman was at Will’s game this morning. Arkansas has been a regular at his games since the recent offer. It appears he’s noticed that.

Baker, 7-0, 240 of West Lake HS in Austin said he might take an unofficial to Arkansas when they take his sister back to school. She would be a senior while he’s a freshman. She’s had a good experience.

He also knows he’s the guy Arkansas wants to replace Gafford. He said his relaltionship with the coaches will be big because so many schools are noted for their development of bigs.

He had 16 points, 6 rebounds and a block shot while hitting 2 of 6 from three.

And there’s the connection.

I have a good friend that lives across the street from the West lake gym. i will get by there to watch a couple of games this season.

We need a duffle bag boy for this one I believe.

Yep. The reason he called the staff to tell them he was interested in the Hogs. This proves again that Mike doesn’t throw offers around like Some other coaches. There is a purpose and plan behind what he does. I like that.

Will has one & done potential so his sister and him may very well both be pursuing a career by the summer of 2020. (If the NBA player’s union has not changed the rule by then)

You know for sure that he called the staff to tell him he was interested?

And, you believe that offering only after receiving a call from a 5-Star prospect who has a sister at the UofA and playing significant catch-up in the process is having a purpose and plan?

Surely I’m misinterpreting you…


I read that Hogs offered after Baker expressed interest in the Hogs. I assumed the mode of communication was a phone call. In today’s world, it may have been different.

Having a sister at UA does support your case that they should have offered early. I agree on that. You got me there. I am assuming they knew he had a sister at UA. If they did not know that, that is not a good commentary on them either.

What I don’t know or have not read about is if they are truly catching up on the process or not, other than not offering.

If we are fortunate to have him for a year as a Razorback, all
this noise is stuff that belongs in a waste bucket. He would be a big positive for our Razorback’s national image and more wins in our pursuit of another invite to the Big Dance. Why not look
for the positive impact?


this kids film is awesome. what are our realistic chances of getting him. 10% 25% 50% higher?