Will Auburn be in the left lane

Now that CM can be an OC I’m sure he has the ability to get installed more than 30% of the offense. And he should have the talent? So will we see what left lane hammer down finally looks like? Or will he need a few years at Auburn. Just curious what it will look like.

Gus will run the offense, and we will see about 15 jet sweeps per game.

Auburn will have a good team, mostly because of their defense.


Is he just doing CM a favor? CM won’t contribute? Or what will he contribute?

Gus has had other OC’s. The offense always looks the same. It is good when they have Cam Newton type at Qb. Average otherwise.

Chad still has TX recruiting connections.

I’m guessing the arrangement will be Morris calling plays predominantly from Malzahn’s playbook, and Malzahn overriding at times. Tempo will be much quicker than anything we saw at Arkansas.

It will be full tilt boogie, but not on qualudes like it was here.

Well since Gus was the mentor it will be left lane, full tilt, hammer down, double clutching something, whoever is calling the plays I guess.

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He didn’t work out here, but Morris does know offense. He’ll have good, fairly top-notch talent over there. My guess is that Auburn’s offense will be pretty good. I’m sure Gus will have his mark on it, but I think Morris will probably do well enough to get another shot at a head coaching gig somewhere.


Thats sad but funny

I am not happy what happened under Morris’ tenure at Arkansas, but it seems to me that being over him is a more positive approach.

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If Chad gets a new head coaching job, I hope we can get them on the schedule…


Do y’all suppose Morris had the OL losing weight in the off-season to be lighter, but quicker? Isn’t that the ruse he tried to sell here instead of truly developing the line over a couple of years? You know he didn’t have that type at Clemson and Gus wouldn’t allow that false philosophy at Auburn. It was absolute folly to consider it in the SEC. Developing both lines looked like priority one for our new staff and could pay off with improvement. That could show up in closer games, which means maybe we don’t get blown out but still lose most and maybe win a few. :sunglasses:

This is correct. CM is OC pretty much in name only. It’s Gus’s offense.

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This is just another way Gus can “stick it” to the Razorbacks. He’s paying Morris the minimum he can legitimately pay him as an SEC OC. This way Arkansas has to pay most of his contract pay-out.

However, I doubt any D-1 school would pay Morris big dollars as an OC after the Arkansas 2 year fiasco. That would include Auburn and Gus.

Gus and his worshippers are the worst thing that ever happened to Razorback Football, yet you never hear the Arkansas Media question anything he ever dies. However, he gets questioned plenty in Alabama.

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Ding ding ding. Bingo

I agree. And Gus goes in the left lane on a two lane road

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Gus divided the Razorback fan base!
I have no use for him! I hope auburn enjoys those 2 coaches.
Morris needs to learn to talk to players with respect that’s my opinion based on how he had the hogs just simply fold up and stop playing for him.

I don’t know if Auburn will be left lane and hammer down

I just hope Arkansas Hammers them!

Hit Hurt them until they give you the victory

I just want to know what it’s supposed to look like - what he promised us. I have no doubt he has a vision. I’m just curious what he needs to accomplish it. If he can’t do it auburn this year then that’s a problem I would think.

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