Will Arkansas have the best Week 1 Victory?

We beat a top 25 team… Florida is the only other SEC school playing top 25 competition in #7 Utah.

I hope Utah wins so we have the best win, but I got to root for the SEC just cause well…

Georgia played #11 oregon

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Thats right… dang it… I forgot about the Dawgs.

Guess we will have to have the 2nd best victory :slight_smile:

Oregon is not a top ten team.

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No they’re not, but Jawja squashed them like a grape.

And somehow we fell out of the ESPN top 25 they released today. Total BS!

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I pay absolutely no attention to FPI. It means nothing to anyone. And to be honest, our secondary isn’t top 75 right now, much less top 25.

Well it’s total BS. I don’t disagree that our secondary needs work but when you beat a top 25 team you shouldn’t fall out of any poll, especially while many of the others were whooping up on Directional School for the Football Challenged.

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I thought Georgia had the most impressive win. Regardless of where Oregon is ranked, that’s a good program and the Ducks didn’t look like they belonged on the same field. The roster Kirby Smart has assembled is incredible.

That isn’t meant to take away from Arkansas’ win. I think it was quality.

FPI isn’t even anyone’s opinion. It’s purely computer generated. I don’t know exactly what they include in their algorithm; probably defensive and offensive stats as well as the score.

I agree with Matt. Georgia had the best win. Bama wasn’t too far behind, but the Dawgs absolutely crushed a supposedly-good Oregon team (we’ll see as the weeks go by how good they really are)…

Florida beat a #7 ranked Utah team. Pretty good win.

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SEC is undefeated this season. Vandy has two wins. LSU plays FSU today. If they win, that means the SEC is 15-0 through 15 games. Granted, several were against cupcakes, but there were some pretty high quality wins, too. Ours, UGA’s, UF’s we’re all against ranked competitors. Of course, a quality win on Labor Day might not look too quality at Thanksgiving, but the SEC looks strong.

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