Will Arkansas Ever Play Defense Again?

I am really tried of watching teams move up and down the field like they were throwing ball against air. The Hogs did stop the run, but were helpless against the pass as has been the case for what seems like forever. Front end cannot pressure the QB or make him stay in the pocket while the backs are unable to cover consistantly. #3 is a player. The rest will make a play and then let their man run free. Oh well.

D admittedly could have played better, but that was a pretty salty passing game with a very talented QB and receiver.

Could be worse, thank goodness we aren’t LSU fans right now.
That’s a little brighter huh.

I know it is a work in progress. I thought it was interesting to hear comments from NM about our linebackers. Got to be the most improved group on defense.

What I don’t understand is how predictable we are on defense. We have heard all year about 3-4 being about to disguise things. I just haven’t seen it. This is not about blitzing every down.

If we bring a linebacker it seems like it always comes from outside and they line up so you know who is coming. We never/rarely bring pressure up the middle. Our safety/ corner backs never blitz.

We just do not have the talent to cover guys for 6 seconds. Love K Rich but he just got beat time after time yesterday. I think you are asking him to do something he can’t do. We had another breakdown by the safety over the top.

I think you have to bring enough different looks so at least the the threat is there.

The loss of Pulley hurt.

But it’s our Free safeties, #28 should have been done and recruited a replacement long ago!

I am so frustrated with our D and our OL! Same as last year.

We’re just short of talent on D. Any injury really sets us back. We’ve just got to recruit more speed & talent on that side of the ball.

It’s gonna take another recruiting class to get the D where they want it. We recruited all our defense players for another system. We have to recruit for the new system now.

We won the game against a team that took Arizona State Sun Devils to the wire. They have a very good QB and a 6-6 WR that are better than I expected. We don’t have the talent to play 3-4 to it’s potential, so we have to get some more OLB, DT and safeties.

I don’t understand why some of you have to make these sophomoric posts, “will Ark ever play defense again?” It sounds like something my teenage daughter would say is a “drama queen statement”.

I hope we still get JUCO Gooden for the Dline to fill the void left by Bijohn. We need another HS stud that can get into the rotation next year too.

We need another JUCO infusion at OLB and DE.


I don’t understand why some of you have to make these sophomoric posts, “will Ark ever play defense again?” It sounds like something my teenage daughter would say is a “drama queen statement”.
[/quote] The OPs point is quite valid. There’s nothing sophomoric about the truth. Arkansas has had a world of problems recruiting defensive talent, especially since A&M entered the conference. I was thinking they’d wear down NMS; but frankly our guys looked tired in Q4. They couldn’t cover NMS receivers the whole game, now we have a solid slate of SEC speed to face.


It’s not the message…it’s the delivery. I agreed that we don’t have all of the talent we need for the 3-4.

There were several times we had their receivers covered for six, seven, eight seconds, the quarterback would drift out of the pocket, buy himself some more time and eventually a receiver would get open. As a Packer fan I’m very familiar with that approach. Aaron Rodgers has been doing it for a long time now. But it’s not a problem with pass coverage it’s a problem with pass rush and keeping the QB in the pocket.

Somebody posted we don’t have all the talent we need for a 3-4. It’s not like we were doing any better with the 4-3 last year. We just don’t have the talent we need period.

That’s a fair point. We just need talent. I think we have some young talent. Just need a bit more

Actually, to stop the run is different. They’ll work up to stopping the pass, too!

So if you don’t have talent, why do we keep asking players to do the things they aren’t talented enough to do?

Such as cover guys for 6 seconds.

And it’s not about blitzing every down. It’s about disguise and surprise.

I think we are very predictable which makes us very easy to plan and attack.

Agreed … this staff just hadn’t had long enough to recruit players.

Josh Norman can’t cover a good receiver for 6 seconds either. It’s not a question of asking them to do it, it’s that they have to do it when the pass rush doesn’t get to the quarterback. If you blitz, you increase the chance that they don’t have to cover for 6 seconds. But you also increase the chance that somebody will be wide open right away. If blitzing was a guarantee everyone would do it every play. It’s a risk, a calculated gamble.

Man I just figured that out. These are the players coach B has recruited in what, 5 years?

It’s a brilliant observation.

Why don’t you post this more often? Maybe in every thread.

More people need to know this.

His schtick does get old. Make me regret I even brought it up.

Pressure on the QB is what we need. You can’t expect anyone to stay in good pass coverage for over 6 seconds.
It’s pretty bad for a fan base to keep saying we don’t have the talent.
When I keep hearing that it makes me think of Tony Bua. A player under sized that played with heart and guts. Arkansas has won with players most would now say weren’t talented enough to play.
Don’t continue to down players. The coaches need to figure a way out to play defense with the players they have.